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Indivi Games’ Lust Doll has gotten a long-awaited update (and subsequent hotfix) that adds quite a bit to the game.

The most notable additions in this update are new clothing options, a new monster, a new NPC, and the Science Lab Tower being finished. The experiences menu option was also removed and replaced with a Sanctum button instead, allowing players to go to the Sanctum without needing the Shrine Bell as in previous builds. There were more changes beyond that, so be sure to check out the full change log below:

Change log: 6.1 -Fixed crash when wearing Strap Top -Fixed crash from conditionals in Body Workshop -Fixed crash from conditionals when lactating -Fixed virginity loss not being recorded anymore -Fixed buying Bangles in jewelry shop -Rinny doesn’t stick around now for Body Workshop operations -Fixed crash from trying to buy non-existant sleeves in underground mall -Changed beginning to automatically visit shrines area for choosing kinks. -Fixed to prevent trapping yourself in sanctum by selecting it twice in main menu. -Removed being able to turn off female partners (no point in making it an option anymore, when most of the game is likely going to be female partners.)

6.0 -Added some NPC’s hinting at places you can go -Fixed bug where police officer won’t talk to you under certain conditions -New clothes: Bangles, Layered Dress, Spaghetti Straps Top, Mushroom Set -Fixed accessing scenes involving balls when not having them -Implemented more efficient methods of handling choice modifiers and conditional checks -Added a storage in the apartment for clothes and items -Fixed bug where leaving options can remove full-screen settings -Revised introductory spiel at start of a new game -Added a few guest foot fetish/spanking scenes with the bandit girl by Gwynnevere -Added special properties to held items. -Opened Body Workshop in Succubus Tower with a public humilation/use scene -Replaced Records function. Added shrine option to main menu and removed shrine bell item and shrine grove at beginning. -Fixed priority bug for gloves under breasts -Added some new bangs -Added npc: massage parlor girl with a feather tease/tickle scene -Added monster: Pitcher Plant in Forest Cave with feet tickle and itching/spanking/anal scene -Added item: Battery bought in slums black market -Added rare wilderness encounter and reduced how much energy it consumes to explore -Finished Science Lab Tower -Added player revenge scenes on a certain antagonist: tickling, spanking, and orgasm denial. -Can visit Fawn again now after certain events

Make sure you bring a tip when you ask for the happy ending.

To download the latest version of Lust Doll and check out what else Indivi is up to for yourself, head over to Indivi’s Tumblr.

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