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HotRed is developing a stealth based, Metroid-style game featuring Rouge the Bat, titled Rouge the Bat: High-Rise Heist.

Depending on who you ask, there hasn’t been a truly fantastic Sonic the Hedgehog game in about 10 years. Despite (or perhaps in response) to this, the fanbase continues to kindle the flames with their own creations. Many of those creations seem to be rule 34 fanart. Everyone has ran into Sonic the Hedgehog porn on the internet at some point during their surfing. Some of it is premium quality, and some can put you into a permanent state of cringe. Those of us who enjoy that sort of thing are quite appreciative of the wide cast of furry characters. HotRed is currently working on a game featuring a member of the Sonic universe. Rouge the Bat will be starring in a promising looking game, Rouge the Bat: High-Rise Heist.

HotRed started a Patreon back in September to help fund this current project. Rouge the Bat: High-Rise Heist is referred to by him as a Metroid-style game that features elements of stealth, and of course, sex. While browsing his Patreon FAQ, one thing stood out to be very interesting. Unlike in most hentai games where the only sex is when an enemy attacks, in this game, Rouge also initiates the sex. She uses her well-defined assets to seduce the guards and make her way through the game world.

Enjoy these early screenshots, and read some highlights from his FAQ page:

What kind of project is this?

It is a side-scrolling platformer with Metroid-inspired gameplay and stealth elements.

Is this project Patreon exclusive?

The final release of the project will be released to the public, absolutely free. However, supporting my artistic endeavors on Patreon will net you early demos and a final version way before the public sees them!

So, the goal of the project is to try and not lose from having sex with other characters?

I feel sexual scenes should be rewarded to the player for good gameplay, and not a punishment for losing against an enemy. Rouge will have to sneak and fight her way to her goals, but along the way will have to use her shapely assets to grind some information out of someone to get what she wants!

Is there a story for this project? In what setting does it take place?

I have written a fresh, original story for this project, and none of Rouge’s previous outings have any affect on it. The story takes place in a sky scraper the Guardians of Nations has under their control.

If you’d like to support Rouge the Bat: High-Rise Heist and HotRed, visit his Patreon page. If all goes well, he also plans to create more hentai games in the future featuring Amy Rose and Tails.

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