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Yandere Simulator October Progress Report

Yandere Simulator’s newest progress report is here, which adds some new features to the game. These include tweaks to the back end, progress on Osana and “Pose Mode.”

It’s October, which means two things: It’s the month to be spooky, and it’s also time for another Yandere Simulator progress report.

This month’s report is fairly technical in scope. One of the larger focuses is the game’s frame rate and back end. As we all know, video games have limitations, which we as players see through frames. The more your computer has to process, the lower your frame rate. In games like Yandere Simulator, which features a large number of students, each taking up resources, this can become a problem.

For those of you running a toaster however, YandereDev has you covered.

YandereDev has added a handy settings menu, which offers a number of tweaks within it. You can now set draw distance, adjust the particle count, and make a number of changes to improve the way Yandere Simulator runs. This came as the majority of fans voted for the school to become more populated, which made this something of a necessity.

The other big addition this month is “Pose Mode.” Pose Mode is much as it sounds, and allows you to pose characters within the game. The pose menu obviously opens Yandere Simulator up for some interesting things.

Players can pose any bone in a character’s body by using X and Y values. You can also change a character’s clothing, hair color, style and accessories. On top of that, you can also cycle through pre-existing animations, should you wish. Expect lots of suggestive screenshots in future.

If you want to check all of this out for yourself, you can find the progress video below. You can also visit YandereDev’s latest blog post for specifics and more minor changes. The developer has promised some exciting Halloween plans, so be sure to keep an eye out for these.

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