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AJ Tilley has relaunched the Dharker Studio Complete Bundle, now including their 2016 releases.

The Dharker Studio Complete Bundle had already been listed on Steam previously. This new and improved bundle also contains the games which were released in 2016, including their newest release, Negligee. Don’t worry, Dharker Studio fans: the 2015 releases, including Beach Bounceare still there as well. If you already have all or most of the games in this bundle, the cost of the complete package scales so that you still get a 15% discount on what you haven’t already purchased. This is a great chance to buy the DLC or soundtracks if you were holding off for a sale.

We are happy to re-launch the Dharker Studio Bundle of games.

It includes all currently released Dharker Studio titles, granting those who purchase it an additional 15% discount on the games they have not yet purchased from the set… Including our latest release: Negligee Deluxe Edition.


The Negligee Deluxe Edition includes the main game as well as all six pieces of DLC content at a reduced price, giving owners of our entire past library and even greater discount on this new release.

The bundle will be shown on the games store page upon release an optional version to select.

N.b. This bundle will not duplicate any games you already own, so you will only pay for games you do not currently own, making it the best way to complete the Dharker Studio set of releases.

About this bundle

Complete your set of Dharker Studio games. Bundle includes:

Negligee + All DLC Packs

- Summer Fling + Soundtrack

- Club Life + Soundtrack

- Echo Tokyo: An Intro + All DLC Packs

- Highschool Possession

- Highschool Romance

- Beach Bounce Remastered + Soundtrack

- Divine Slice of Life + Soundtrack

- Sword of Asumi + All DLC Packs

Purchasing this bundle, will grant you an extra discount on any games that you don’t own.

If you’re not familiar with the games in the Dharker Studio Complete Bundle, we have reviews for Summer Fling and Divine Slice of Life . Be sure to read those as well as Steam user reviews to help make a well-informed purchase. If you’re ready to get your wallet out, visit this Steam link for the bundle. Keep in mind, these are the SFW versions of the games, but Dharker Studio usually leaves links to the NSFW patches for games on their respective Steam Community Hubs.

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