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Studio FOW Releases New Video, Harley Quinn - "AGENT OF CHAOS"

Studio FOW has released yet another 3D porn short feature, titled Harley Quinn – Agent of Chaos.

Having blessed us with Harley Quinn in the past, it’s nice of Studio FOW to offer yet another Harley Quin special. This clip continues the story of Harley and her infamous secret sex tapes. In the last episode, we saw miss Quinn getting ravaged by some sexually aggressive canines, but in Harley Quinn – Agent of Chaos we get some classic man on woman action.

Excerpt from Crime Scene 39AY26B, GCPD Archives

Say kid, you wouldn’t happen to know anything about a bootleg tape floating around, would ya? Y’know the one I’m talkin’ bout, THAT tape. With the clown slut, and her furry friends. Maybe another swing will jog your memory, eh? (sound of goons laughing in the background) Yeah you know the one, dontcha? And I know the rumors just as well as the next guy, so you’re gonna have to cough up something better than that.

(a sickening crack echoes around the room, followed by muffled screaming)

That’s gotta hurt. (more laughter) Word on the street is that Sionis was responsible. If that’s true then the boss ain’t gonna be too happy about that. He made it clear to Sionis that the clown whore was to be delivered unspoilt. So you’re gonna tell us where Sionis took the bitch, and why that van didn’t make it to the drop off point. And if you don’t, I’m gonna break ya other kneecap…

(the errand boy whimpered and pointed to his coat pocket)

What’s this, then? A second tape you say? Unreleased footage? Hey Mikey, bring that TV over here, I got something! This tape better have some answers kid, or you’ll be sleeping with the fishes.

(The faint light of the TV illuminated the room, and the tape began to play)

Studio FOW boasts that Harley Quinn – Agent of Chaos clip features their biggest cumshot to date: 30+ strands of hot man milk grace Harley Quinn’s sweet face and bodacious backside. You don’t just have to take take my word for it, either. Download the HQ version of the video for yourself, or watch it down below.

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