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Visual Novel Negligee Released on Nutaku

Dharker Studio, formerly known as AjTilley, has released their newest visual novel titled Negligee on adult game platform Nutaku.

The game is a yuri title in which you play as Hannah, the owner of a lingerie business. How you handle your business and employees will either lead the way to success or failure for the fledgling business. Despite the premise, the game appears to be a pure visual novel containing no actual gameplay, with management decisions instead handled via the usual visual novel choice points. It does, however, contain animated sex scenes. Negligee will also be receiving DLC content down the road that will add adult content centering around each of the main character’s past, with four extra stories currently planned.

For your reading pleasure, below you will find a trailer, synopsis, and sample CGs and screenshots from the game.

In Negligee, players are introduced to a world of lace and luxury through the eyes of Hannah, an ambitious young woman eager to become a star manager. Hiring, firing, and other crucial managerial decisions will spell the difference between retail success and financial disaster, with players required to carefully balance business and pleasure at every turn. Savvy choices will lead to commercial success and passionate affairs, while talentless merchants may find themselves swiftly bankrupt – or worse, single.

Game features:

- A compelling storyline combining mercantile ambition with intense yuri romance.

- Multiple story routes to explore through a branching decision tree with 11 different endings.

- Beautifully crafted CG character art and backgrounds.

- Animated romance scenes that add spice to the action!

- 1080p resolution and full screen options.

- DRM-free when purchased from

You can purchase Negligee from Nutaku for $13.00 here. Other titles by Dharker Studio, such as Summer Fling and Divine Slice of Life are also available for purchase on Nutaku.

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