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VR Kanojo Invites You to Your Waifu's Room

Illusion has recently unveiled the adult-rated VR Kanojo, a virtual girlfriend simulator that pits you in the shoes of a student studying with a neighborhood girl.

If you were invited to your girlfriend’s room for the first time, how would you react? Giddy? Excited? After all, the bedroom can be a rather intimate location, and when your girlfriend invites you to such a location, your mind is sure to wander beyond the sheets. That’s the idea of VR Kanojo (literally “Virtual Girlfriend”), a virtual reality girlfriend simulator set in a pristine, white bedroom that’s just begging to be dirtied.

Exclusive to the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive and brought to you by Illusion, the title places a heavy emphasis on, “I want to meet you soon.”

According to the official site:

“I was asked to live in the neighborhood to help her study, spend time with her proudly, we visited the house.

Rapidly approaching a close relationship with her!

Of course, I’m waiting to progress to the indecent part!”

Aren’t we all? Though admittedly, I’m quite curious as to what indecent events will occur within the experience. After all, it is rated 18+, but unfortunately, Illusion has currently resorted to teasing potential owners of the title with sultry video shots. Seriously, check out the following 360 video. Major teasing in the form of a fan awaits you.

Nevertheless, the character you’ll be interacting with is a high school student named Sakura Yuhi, who happens to live in your neighborhood — though the official plot suggests that you instead moved to her neighborhood, but semantics, eh? According to the official site, Sakura’s personality is known to brighten anyone’s demeanor. She also tends to lust after sweets; in fact, she has been recently smitten with Chocolate Pocky. And as for her stats?

Height: 162cm Weight: Secret Vital Statistics: Secret

Overall, the title inherits the concept of RealKanojo, another 3D adult dating game by Illusion.  Though the price has not been determined, the release date for VR Kanojo is currently set for January 2017, with the experience locked to digital download only; however, what should excite owners of a Vive or Rift is that a playable demo will be made available on October 28, 2016.

Is anyone else getting a Summer Lesson vibe here? Because VR Kanojo definitely comes off as a fap-worthy take of Summer Lesson.

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