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No, Thank You!!! Globally Released by MangaGamer

Mangagamer’s  first BL—”boy love” title No, Thank You!!! has been released officially as of February 27. Globally launched under their platform, No, Thank You!!!—a game developed by “Parade” serves as MangaGamer’s first foray into the eroge scene of boy love.

While MangaGamer have previously focused on visual novels with female characters and female oriented graphical art only, they’ve now shifted their focus to include the yaoi scene. They’ve chosen No, Thank You!!! as the flagship title to pop their figurative boipussy

The plot for No, Thank You!!! revolves around a man who is celebrating his summer vacation. An unfortunate sequence of events lead up to a June car crash. The protagonist sees a man in harms way, darting in front of him to save him. He is hit rather badly and develops amnesia from his injuries. Having no identification on him whatsoever, the savior is taken in by his charge and given a job.

He brings the amnesiac protector to his little bar situated on the outskirts of downtown—a quaint little establishment named “sótano”. The bar seems innocent enough on the outside, portraying a jazzy, warm, cozy, vibe, but in actuality it harbors another rather dark side. Acting as a private investigation firm of sorts, the employees handle cases that  the police and other detective agencies won’t touch. The other employees give the man the alias of “Haru” in the meantime until his memory returns and he gradually works, moving up the ranks of the organization. He does all this under the guise of working as an apprentice bartender.

No, Thank You!!!—developed by Parade’s team, comprised mostly of member of well known eroge studio ClockUp boasts 1024X768 resolution with fully uncensored graphics. It offers a range of features and customization from body hair settings, background vocals and further. The game claims to take general genre conventions and create a refreshing look on them, never seen before.

The game is currently available on the MangaGamer store for the price of $39.95. It requires an internet connection for activation the first time you play it and is available for the Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 operating systems—sorry Mac users. The language is Japanese voice acting with English subtitles. For those unwilling to lay down their cash on the title but are somewhat curious, there is a playable demo available on the MangaGamer site as well as a review on the MangaGamer blog.

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