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MangaGamer has released a new eroge title on their store front. This time around it’s Orc Castle, a tower defense game in which you defend the Orcish Kingdom from an onslaught of attractive women.

Developed by a Matures (yes, a Matures) and originally released in Japan at the end of 2014 under the title Fuu’un! Orc Castle ~Chijoku no Hatsujou IkusaotometachiOrc Castle is an original eroge title where you, as the heir to a prosperous Orcish Kingdom, have to defend your realm from continuous attacks by sexy ladies. Orc Castle has finally been released in English and is now available by English erotic game publisher MangaGamer.

Be sure to read MangaGamer’s press release, which contains a detailed plot description and more.

Play as the heir to the orcish throne in this tower defense game! Defend your castle from hot, sexy women trying to destroy your entire race! Set traps and monsters to string combos together and subject your invaders to humiliating defeat at the hands of your minions!

Orc Castle is fun gameplay title offering lots of different H-scenes based on how you build your dungeon and defeat the invading heroines. There are many ways to protect your kingdom, and plenty of gratification to be had from protecting your race!

You can order your copy of Orc Castle today for under $15!

Orc Castle Long ago, in the Age of the Gods, there was a country ruled by orcs known as the ‘Orc Kingdom’ in the northern most reaches of Europe. The monarch of that country, the ‘Orc King,’ was fearfully regarded as invincible.

Flexing his martial might, he embarked on imperial conquest across the land. The Orc Kingdom’s expansion knew no bounds, in time encroaching on the very edges of ‘Asgard,’ a human country under divine protection.

Hostilities between the two nations were brewing when the Orc King’s attention turned to another concern: his son, the ‘Orc Prince.’

For many, the Orc Prince’s aggressive, narcissistic behavior–the result of a spoiled upbringing–had long been a subject of contention. It was only common sense to question the competence of the Orc Prince, who had merely rattled his saber thus far.

After pained deliberation, the Orc King, out of consideration for his followers, appointed the prince to the front lines: to ‘Orc Castle.’ The prince would either demonstrate his competencies, allaying skepticism, or die trying.

The Orc Prince rounded out his arrival speech in high spirits, disregarding the concerned glances of his followers. The dark elf and advisor to the king ‘Misty’ was dispatched to Orc Castle along with the prince. The Orcs could neither advance nor retreat so under her advice the castle’s defences were to be tightened.

Today another brave (or perhaps “foolish” is more appropriate) Battle Maiden, gunning for the Orc Prince’s head, will intrude upon Orc Castle!

Orc Castle Developer: Hentai Industries Genre: Puzzle Price: $12.95 OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 Text Language: English Age Rating: 18+


Thudr Profession: Warrior

The chief of the ‘Red Lightning’ mercenary group: A female warrior that embarks on skirmishes in a skimpy set of bikini armor. She’s somewhat lacking in brains, but compensates with a maternal, elderly sister attitude and iron will. She infiltrates Orc Castle on her own, hoping to make a name for herself.

Raskris Profession: Female Assassin

A female assassin: Under order of the Asgardian King to make a hit on the Orc Prince. She is half-beastfolk, half-human. She’s cool-headed and thoughtful, but is remarkably clumsy at the most critical of moments.

Rune Profession: Witch

A legendary witch with a pointlessly skimpy wardrobe: She has a graceful girlishness about her and her every gesture and motion exudes sexiness… To the point where it’s pointless… Her inverted nipples are a particular point of interest. She is over 200 years old but through magical suspension she has managed to retain her youthful appearance. She’s also acquainted with Misty.


Profession: Princess

The first-born princess of Asgard: Hostilities are currently brewing between her country and The Orc Kingdom. She has been bestowed with the divine protection of the Chief God, Odin. She heads to the battlefield, the holy blade Balmung in hand, in lieu of the bedridden King Baldur. Her dignified mannerisms and refined speech give her an air of elegance.


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