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Developers who fund games on Patreon are a dime a dozen nowadays. Every now and then, one will bubble to the surface and really stand out from the rest. Wolzq is one such developer, and Cursed Armor is his game. Wolfzq originally gained some fame when he released an Oblivion mod for some sweet living armor. Back in January, Wolfzq started working on something new, but he didn’t change the formula too much. His new project is an adult RPG about living armor. His Patreon is currently sitting at a respectable $2,000 per month.

Cursed Armor is a fairly standard turn-based RPG. Players take the role of a young girl named, Lilina, an innocent girl who had the misfortune of being selected by a demon as the new Queen of Inma. With this new title, she is forced to wear the cursed armor, a living suit of armor which can’t be removed. The armor massively increases her libido and imbues her with an insatiable lust for sexual pleasure. Her only concern now is collecting the magical artifacts necessary to help remove it.

The battle system of Cursed Armor is surprisingly normal for an adult RPG. Unlike most, there isn’t a heavy focus on sex-specific attacks by the player. The only goal in a battle is to defeat the enemy. On the other hand, the enemies maintain the expected mix of normal and rape-based attacks. These sex scenes (as well as others) play out with sprite animations, but some key events also include CGs. There also appears to be plans to add pregnancy into the mix; however, at the time of playing, Lilina was never impregnated by her many,many attackers. The battle system also features a plethora of locked skills. It’s unclear if those skills unlock with further progression or have yet to be implemented.

The build used for this article was version 0.99. While one would assume that version 1.0 would be feature-complete and awaiting minor bug fixes, the volume of things missing suggests otherwise. Checking the game’s image folder allows you to glance at what the game contains, as far as CGs and sprites goes. The Patreon pages also displays a multitude of character art and enemy types that didn’t appear in my playthrough. Additionally, there is a chart in Cursed Armor that keeps track of the varying sex acts Lilina is involved in, even awarding achievements for them. This is an awesome touch, but it also highlights these missing elements. When all of this is finally included, Cursed Armor will be a fetishist’s dream come true.

Even as an Alpha, this game is riddled with micro – or rather macrotransactions. There are Patreon-only stores in this game. Various vendors sell items with in-game currency that come with a disclaimer informing the player that only supporters will be able to use said items. It’s hard to argue with someone shilling their crowdfunding page, but this display of in-game transactions is rather egregious. NPCs informing the player that they must pay $16 of real money to use in-game money at a store is very disconcerting. Perhaps having these shops appear in the game with locked doors that only supporters have the keys to would be a bit more presentable.

There is one last thing to mention here: The translation. The creator is very upfront about the fact that his English isn’t great, but his translator is also not a native English speaker. Much of the translation is complete gibberish. Players will find themselves completely confused about what’s happening in the story or what tasks need to be completed. At some times, it can feel somewhat unplayable. There are also many parts of the translation that display 100% Chinese.

Cursed Armor has a ton of potential, and could shape up to be an excellent experience. Unlike many games that have been quickly cranked out in RPG Maker, this one has some decent, although repetitive, sex sound effects and moans. It’s hard to ask someone to support a game that they may not even be able to play, but Cursed Armor is still worth keeping an eye on. When the game is finally completed, Wolfzq intends to release it for free. If you’d like to check out Cursed Armor or support Wolfzq (and maybe help him hire some better translators), visit his Patreon page.

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