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Crush Crush: Moist and Uncensored Finally Released on Nutaku

Nutaku has treated us to an 18+ version of Sad Panda Studios’ Adventure Capitalist-inspired dating game, Crush Crush.

Many of us have fallen prey to the “clicker” or “idle” games, as some call them, until we get so rich or so powerful that we think, “What’s the point of this?” Well, in Crush Crush: Moist and Uncensored, you’re finally given a reason to keep going: so you can see sexy girls bare themselves! In the adult re-release of Crush Crush, the player can expect to see more content such as new characters (including Nutaku-chan) and clothing options, not to mention a myriad of lingerie and “romantic” scenes that you can unlock whilst playing.

Now you don’t have to pretend what that batter really is!

Crush Crush: Moist and Uncensored is Sad Panda Studios’ first time venturing into the great sexy yonder, and looks to be as big of a success as the original game. As with the previous game, there will be in-game microtransactions, though these are entirely unnecessary to progress. Without spending any real cash, players can play just as they did before, managing your time between hobbies, jobs, and dates. Hobbies improve your stats, which gives access to new jobs and new girls, and jobs give you money which lets you buy gifts for your many lady friends. If you want to know more, check out the official trailer:

If this sounds like your cup of tea (or perhaps even if it doesn’t), you should give Crush Crush: Moist and Uncensored a shot; I know I sure as hell will. Idle games are a guilty pleasure for many, and now you can get even guiltier and more pleasured with this title, available on Nutaku’s website here.

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