...the fuck?

Last month Enlit3D announced the development of a new wrestling game titled Heroine Rumble.

The Enlit3D team created a new blog at the beginning of September to announce and keep track of the progress on their new game, Heroine Rumble (formerly called Princess Clash). The game is defined by their creators as “a 3D action fighting/battlefuck/H-wrestling game” being currently under heavy development.

A public alpha build is also available for interested players to check out the game system. Although lacking in variety of content, given the early stage of development, the game is already in a fully playable state. Players are currently able to choose between two girls and three difficulty levels as well as play a full match exploring all of the mechanics in the game. The full feature list announced by Enlit3D is as follows:

Current features:

- Hot girl on girl action

- Humiliation

- Submissions (both regular and sex attacks)

- Ryona

- Full 3D environment with camera freedom

- Armor/costume/outfit damage and destruction

- Boob physics

- Animated facial expressions

- Dynamic body appearance and posture based on the heroine’s state

- Runs at 60 FPS with intuitive, smooth controls (requires discrete graphics card!)

And many features to come, such as (not inclusive and not final):

- Futa (toggleable)

- Cat girl

- Wrestling girl

- Throws

- A better counter/grapple system

- Environmental hazards

- Fap mode *ahem* I mean watch mode

- Support for toasters+ and low end systems

- Modding support?

- More game play features and improvements!

- More girls!

- More moves!

- More outfits!

- More game modes!

- Better AI!

Not the hair! Not the hair!

The public alpha of Heroine Rumble is available free of charge for all visitors of Enlit3D’s blog, and the only support they’re asking so far is for people to give them feedback and spread the word. They are also currently holding a poll regarding the development process of the new characters, so if you’re interested in the game, be sure to pay them a visit.

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