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Breeding, birthing, lactation, and more can be found in Butakoma 300g’s latest title, Drop Factory.

Recently, we published an article on the controversial Patreon project Cloud Meadow. Incidentally, this article is about a different game which was released years ago, yet holds incredible similarities. Drop Factory is a ranch sim/dungeon crawling hybrid from the makers of Vitamin Quest, Butakoma 300g. You take on the role of Shizuku Oikawa, a girl who dresses like a cow and works on the ranch that she inherited from her recently deceased parents. Along with the ranch, she also inherited a massive debt that rivals the US deficit. Her mission: perform odd jobs and blowjobs to chisel away at the tremendous balance.

Aside from Cloud Meadow, Drop Factory can also be quite accurately compared to Harvest Moon or Animal Crossing. It’s a grind fest. The more you grind, the more tools you get to perpetuate further grinding. That’s not to say this game isn’t lacking in content — quite the contrary. DropFactory is packed with enough content to justify a full AAA release. Players can choose to work various jobs, cook food, battle in dungeons, maintain their ranch, and even prostitute themselves — this is a hentai game.

The part-time jobs unlock short story events and also open up other features later in the game. You don’t actually do anything at these jobs as a player, the game just shows you some generic dialogue about working your shift. Working causes time to pass in the game, and lowers your BP level. Working too much in a single day will cause your character to faint, which ends your day and forces you to lose a second day for recovery. Eventually, Shizuku unlocks the ability to sell food she cooks, creatures she captures, and homemade sex DVDs.

The dungeon crawling is fairly standard. You battle enemies for money, experience, and cooking ingredients. The experience you gain goes toward a separate leveling system that only impacts your ability stats relevant to the dungeon. You also gain new attacks and abilities as with any standard RPG. While battling, enemies will sometimes rape your character. This acts as a turn, will damage Shizuku slightly, and possibly cause her to become pregnant. Some of Shizuku’s later abilities will allow her to perform sexual acts on her enemies to increase the odds of rape or seduce them for capture. Losing in battle does not cause a game over. Instead, it triggers a rape scene — a more violent one that forces Shizuku to lose a day to recover. These attacks also lead to potential impregnation. All of the rape/seduction scenes play out with some pretty sweet sprite animations.

Prostitution and other sexual encounters will help raise Shizuku’s sex stat. The more times she has sex with someone or something, the closer their relationship becomes, and the lewder the sex scenes will be. These events play out as standard CG cut scenes and have both normal and pregnant/lactation variations. Unfortunately, these scenes are made of a single base image with little variation. Drop Factory makes up for this with by having a variety of sexual acts Shizuku performs on her various partners. As far as what type of lewd acts she engages in, I’m going to  refer you to the tag list. This game offers so many different fetishes that it’s rather mind blowing. From nipple fucking to bestiality, there is something for everyone.

Speaking of fetishes, pregnancy and childbirth play an important role in Drop Factory. Your children will give you items, game tips, help pay your debt, and some even participate in hentai scenes. Having children also opens up the daycare job which has its own unlockables and a cameo from a Vitamin Quest character. Milking Shikuku when she is pregnant supplies her with “pregnancy milk.” Use this milk to make special recipes for items that have unique effects and fetch a high price on the market.

Drop Factory does a lot of things right, but there are certainly some downsides. The biggest one is its pacing. The intense level of grinding gives Drop Factory a free-to-play feel, in a very bad way. The ranching and DVD selling aspects are sealed away until you raise a significant amount of cash for the needed equipment. Most of the money earned is automatically applied towards Shizuku’s debt, which makes earning enough to unlock these other tasks quite mind numbing. The only way to amass enough wealth is by scrounging the dungeon or mindlessly clicking through identical prostitution dialogue scenes. Constant repetition makes these scenes feel long winded and tiresome, especially with no auto-skip function. The dialogue alters slightly as your relationships progress, but the changes are far too infrequent to offset the tedium. Bottlenecks like this give the impression that there are microtransactions available to speed up the process, while no microtransactions actually exist.

If you’re one of those folks who really love grindy games, Drop Factory certainly has a lot to offer. Just like in Animal Crossing, the game does not have to end when you pay off your debt. The game contains some formal “game over” sequences, but it’s really designed for continuous play. Expect to play for 30+ hours to see the true “ending.” If you’re still mourning the loss of Breeding Season and can’t wait for Cloud Meadow, Drop Factory is absolutely worth your time. If you play the game casually rather than binge on it, the grinding may not feel like such a slog.

You can download Drop Factory here. It runs in RPG Maker, so make sure to install any of the necessary software to run it. M1zuki on Patreon has recently completed an English patch and a walkthrough. This will be a huge help for those of us who can’t read Japanese. He also has translations for a few other games, so be sure to check it out.

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