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Yandere Simulator Rivals' Video Introduction Unveiled

A video introduction of the new Yandere Simulator rivals was released earlier this week, which showcases all ten official rivals planned to be in the final version of the game.

After months of bullying poor Kokona-chan, YandereDev finally decided to give her a well-deserved rest by turning his attention to the ten new Yandere Simulator rivals, who will be replacing her in the final version of the game. Though it has suffered a bit of a delay in its production, the introduction video of the official rivals was released this week.

The ten girls personify some of the most common romance tropes present in anime: the tsundere childhood friend, the gentle and mother-like cooking enthusiast, the arrogant ojou-sama, the creepy and awkward loner, the energetic athlete, the air-headed and clumsy nurse, the seductive and well-endowed substitute teacher, the brash and tough-looking delinquent, the childish and clingy younger sister, and the seemingly perfect student council president.

Each of the new Yandere Simulator rivals will have a different personality and — with the exception of the apparent “final boss” council president — a different weakness to be exploited. Each girl is scheduled to appear on a specific week of the game, which seems to indicate a rising level of difficulty in dealing with them.

Lewdest rival? Lewdest rival.

An alternate version of the video with a different, original song was also released a day later. YandereDev posted an update on his development blog as well, with detailed credits about the video’s making, an explanation about the video’s delay and his development plans for the near future. The character section of Yandere Simulator’s official website was also updated with the profiles for all the rivals.

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