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A nude version of early access dating sim Crush Crush is now available. This free-to-play title will be hosted on the Nutaku website, which will offer perks for a limited period of time.

Dating sims have a special place in adult gaming, ever since their first big break on Newgrounds. In fact, make a quick search today and you’ll still find the site at the top of Google’s list.

Some of these games are, of course, more naughty than others. While Steam is a great system for most games, adult orientated titles often find they can’t fully express themselves there. Fortunately for games like Crush Crush, there is another way.

Crush Crush was released to Early Access back in May as a free-to-play dating sim. Players will spend their time trying to win the hearts of their town’s local ladies. You’ll do this in true dating sim fashion: give gifts, say the right thing, improve your stats and more. There’s a lot going on in Crush Crush, so you’ll need to stay on top of things if you want to prevail.

Originally intended for Steam, players now have the chance for an even saucier experience. Thanks to Nutaku, anyone can sign up for the new “Moist and Uncensored” version of the game. Nutaku will be hosting this exclusively for a short period, and is offering a few perks to sweeten the deal.

As a free-to-play title, Crush Crush does, of course, have in-game cash items. Sign up for the sexier version though, and you’ll get a free boost to the tune of a $16 value.

Nutaku will only offer this deal for a short period, after which the developer hopes to work something out on Steam. This is due to Nutaku’s own hand in the patch, as Sad Panda Studios was unable to produce it solo. This adult version of Crush Crush is due to launch in October, so there’s still time to register if you’re into it.

If you want to check out Crush Crush for yourself, you can find it on either Steam or Nutaku . Only the Nutaku version offers nudity so far, along with other perks, but the choice is yours. For more information, check out the latest blog post detailing this and more.

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