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Bergsala Lightweight Releases New Trailers for DriveGirls

Developer Bergsala Lightweight has released two trailers for their upcoming PS Vita title DriveGirls.

DriveGirls, which was announced in Weekly Famitsu earlier this month, has received its first trailers that introduce you to the five female protagonists of the game and show off some of the title’s gameplay and fighting mechanics. DriveGirls is a PS Vita exclusive title featuring sexy ladies that can turn into cars. In addition to this, the game features clothing destruction mechanics, where the girls’ armor begins to tear off as they take damage.

The trailers show off quite a bit of new information on the game. The first trailer introduces you to the ladies and reveals their names—Lancier, Regalith, Galaxa, RR Thirty-Five, and Seven. It also showcases them in action, showing off their moves and character models. It also reveals that, in addition to clothing destruction, the game utilizes some pretty nice breast jiggle mechanics.

The second trailer goes more in-depth on the gameplay mechanics, showing off battle sequences, the ability to switch seamlessly from girl to car and vise versa, and some of the enemies you will come across. The trailer also reveals that the battle mechanics are very much hack-and-slash, with you also being able to mow down large swaths of enemies in car form. This makes for what appears to be very interesting battle sequences, as you can drive into a crowd of enemies to eliminate the weaker ones, then switch to your female form in order to slash the rest down. You can check out the trailers below.

DriveGirls is slated for release in Japan on January 26th, 2017.

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