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The latest public build of Noxian Nights is here, which brings it up to version 1.2.2. This final release adds a number of CGs, variants and more.

Day is breaking for Noxian Nights. On the 21st of this month, the final closed release made its way into the world. Following this today is the public release, which marks the end of development.

Thank you all for your kind and amazing support through the year of making NN. We started our Patreon on August the 1st one year ago and are happy with the progress we made, both in our collaboration and in gathering so many people who share our passion for lewd content that makes this possible. ^-^

Development for Noxian Nights started a year ago, and has since skyrocketed in popularity. Hrienn Games have seen a lot of success thanks to Patreon, which has allowed the duo to create the game. Fans of the game should be fairly satisfied too, as there’s a good chunk of content to get through.

The last release—version 1.2.2—makes only a few minor changes. These will be most apparent to public players however, who won’t have had a chance to play 1.2.0. The developers do suggest upgrading, even if you’re on 1.2.0, as there have been some key system upgrades implemented. Check out the short list below.

####New content in version 1.2.x:

♡5 new CGs with more than 20 new variants, including many different fetishes.♡A big Dyuu ending in which you can conquer your way to total domination by breeding the female cast.♡A reworked Castrum ending with new scenes and a new ending for Shack Guy.♡New galleries for every ending so you do not have to replay. The Castrum and Shack Guy content can be accessed by anyone, but the Dyuu ending is like the other special endings in that it has specific conditions. There’s a hint in the original gallery, but here’s another one: you need to have upgraded Dyuu before entering the final dungeon.

So, that’s it for Noxian Nights. Hrienn Games won’t be disappearing however; the team is working on a brand new title, Kingdom of Deception. We’ll no doubt keep you informed on this and all future Hrienn titles, but for now, enjoy the complete Noxian Nights right here.

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