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It’s been a while since our first look at Punished Mai, and a lot has been going on since then—from art changes to new chapter releases.

The most noticeable change in the game is the new art style. Versus X Studio has ditched the realistic 3DCG images for more cartoon-looking cel-shading renders that, according to the developers, serve two purposes: it gives the game a unique art style and allows them to make animated CGs for the event scenes.

There are also a few select enemies with erotic attacks that give you a quick, non-animated CG scene. Game over-specific events or CGs, though, are not present, as one of the philosophies in making the game was to not reward defeat.

Besides the art, two new chapters were added, in which Mai continues her struggles through the game’s unknown hellish location. A new playable main character, Lucy, was also added to the game. Only one character is controlled at a time, but the player can freely change between them.

New profiles for the main characters

Lucy is the wizard to Mai’s warrior; while Mai has good HP and physical combat skills, Lucy is frailer, but bears plenty of magical power to blast her enemies from afar. While both have access to similar skills, the game itself says that each one is better off focusing on their own strengths.

Versus X Studio has also released a trailer showcasing the new chapter:

Besides those major changes, the latest update comes with a few other minor changes and bug fixes. Version 2.2.7 of Punished Mai is now available for pledgers of the highest tiers of Versus X Studio’s Patreon, with releases for the lower tiers following in one and two weeks. A free demo version of the first chapter is also available at the same link.

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