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Shouji Inukai's Medical Records #1 Released on DLSite

Developer Otsusun Club has released their otomege Drama CD Shouji Inukai’s Medical Records #1 in English on DLSite.

Shouji Inukai’s Medical Records #1 is the first in a three-part series and is presented as a video with Japanese audio and English subtitles overlaid onto an image of the man that you are forced to submit to. For those of you unfamiliar with drama CDs, they are audio tracks that are presented much like the voice acting found in most anime or visual novels, where you listen to one or more characters speak to you. While they may not have a gaming or interactive aspect to them, many fans of voice acting find them immensely appealing, and there have been quite a few Japanese games that have received drama CDs due to this.

As for the sexual appeal of drama CDs, I asked the translator of Shouji Inukai’s Medical Records #1, VerdelishJP, to explain how drama CDs can be erotic and appealing.

18+ drama CDs are aimed at those of us that get off to auditory stimuli. Like their all-ages counterparts, they are usually voiced by popular seiyuu, giving you an opportunity to hear your favorite voice actor or actress talk dirty to you. Wearing headphones is definitely recommended, as many of these CDs are recorded using dummy head mics, meaning all of the seiyuu’s moans will sound like they’re right in your ear. Not to mention, drama CDs typically add in fitting sound effects to accompany all of the naughty action, helping you to insert yourself into the sexy scenario.

We here at LewdGamer not only cover lewd games, but relevant lewd material as well, and 18+ drama CDs definitely fit the bill. For your reading pleasure, we have included a synopsis of the CDs sexy scenario below:

You were sold at auction. In a secret examination room, you do as commanded. Disrobed, toyed with, baring yourself in ways you’ve never done, at what point do you surrender? At what point do you resist?

Presenting the first of the “Ojisama Cube” series. Experience situations in a private room in voice-only audio; no BGM

You can pick up Shouji Inukai’s Medical Records #1 for $9.62 from DLSite here. The drama CD contains four tracks that add up to about 31 minutes of sexual, auditory stimulation. The page also contains a short demo, so you can check it out before buying.

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