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Yandere Simulator Matchmaking Update Released

Yandere Simulator’s matchmaking update is now here, adding a new layer of rivalry to the game. Players can now manipulate the relationships of others for personal gain.

February is still a ways off, but that doesn’t stop Cupid. That little chubby baby works in mysterious ways, and can even work through others. If you’ve ever considered yourself as one of his flock, then the latest update to Yandere Simulator is just the one for you.

As of today, the Matchmaking Update is live. Much like the name suggests, this update will now allow players to play matchmaker. As always, however, it’s just a little more sinister than that.

The “Matchmaking Elimination Method” is what you’ll actually be doing. As should be apparent, Yandere-chan is rather incapable of true emotion, and probably isn’t the type to play Cupid for kicks. She is, however, more than capable of manipulation. Players can now play puppet master among other students, carefully orchestrating love across the school.

Your main reason for doing this is your senpai. Yandere-chan can’t have rival love interests running wild, and it’s up to you to ensure that. Thankfully, this new method will allow you to find a new lover for these rivals. It’s certainly a lot more romantic than a quick death, and adds another layer of intricacy to the already complex Yandere Simulator.

By learning about (read: stalking) rival students, you can find out more about them, giving advice to their potential suitors. Players can then aid said suitors in courting the lucky lady, by providing information, gifts and other helpful things to ensure a match is made.

With a brand new “Love” menu, additional “likes and dislikes”, and a whole host of other changes, you’ll really have your work cut out for you with this method. This update is just the beginning of Yandere-chan’s journey too; there are still two elimination methods to go, though they’ll have to wait. A new challenger approaches.

If you want to see love bloom on the school field, check out YandereDev’s latest video below. You can also visit the blog post for more details, including additional bug fixes and useful notes.

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