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Next up on LewdGamer’s Lewd Spotlight is western h-artist AnimeFlux. Flux’s art is anime-inspired, but adds a bit of western influence in order to stand out among the rest. 

AnimeFlux was planning on quitting porn due to previous issues with PayPal, but managed to find salvation in Bitcoin. With renewed commitment to the scene, he has continued to be successful ever since, and plans to tackle adult gaming in the future.

LewdLogic: How long have you been in the scene and how did you first take your steps towards adult content?

AnimeFlux: I guess I’d say things started back in 2005. I’d been drawing long before that, but ’05 was when I decided I’d show my work on the internet and see if I could step things up. It’s embarrassing to look at now, of course, because I wasn’t very good. Still, I got my first commission that year, and I learned a ton in the years that followed. I’m still learning every day, I doubt that will ever change.

As for adult stuff, I doodled a few things here and there, but I only started incorporating it into my portfolio around 2010-ish. Until then, I hadn’t considered that any part of the art community would accept it, since most big sites at the time had a strict no-erotica policy. Later I discovered HF, and the amount of amazing artists who posted there blew me away. The adult community was a different world than I was expecting, but mostly in a good way. I did commissions, met some really cool and talented friends, and worked my ass off to get better. Eventually it became my full-time job, and I’ve been working hard at it ever since.

LewdLogic: Some say that you managed to incorporate a western feel to the anime art style. Would you say this is accurate?

AnimeFlux: Yeah that sounds about right. I mean I definitely took inspiration from a lot of people over the years (most of whom are Japanese), but I never wanted my style to exactly match anyone in particular. I took the things I liked and re-worked them to make them my own. I don’t really think about my style in terms of Western or not. At the end of the day, if someone can look at one of my pics and be able to say “hey this looks like Flux’s style”, then I’m happy.

LewdLogic: What’s your favorite stuff to draw? Rumor has it you have thing for feet! Funny thing about drawing feet, I used to hate it. I was just god awful at it. Eventually I decided to quit sucking and start practicing, and somewhere along the way, I discovered that I found feet sexy. Not as much in real life, but definitely in art.

As for other favorite stuff, it’s all pretty standard. Butts, boobs, genitalia, and overall an emphasis on cute-mixed-with-sexy.

Seeing as you have made art assets for games previously such as Queen Opala, are you going to make further endeavors into game making?

Absolutely. I have plans, the right pieces just have to fall into place first.

What still is challenging to you even to this day when it comes to drawing.

Good composition, a sense of movement (characters that don’t feel stiff), decent anatomy, and believable lighting. The idea is, every time I draw something, I further hone my skill. However, I also tend to find things I need to improve just as often. It’s a never ending battle, but that’s also part of what makes it fun.

LewdLogic: You use bitcoin as a means to make funds. How has that market treated you and why did you start?AnimeFlux: I’ve done well with bitcoin, but it took some trusted friends sitting me down and explaining it before I gave it a chance. That’s really the part newcomers get hung up on, because at first glance it looks much more complicated than it actually is. The common response I’ve seen from clients who use it the first time is, “oh… well that was pretty easy”.

I started using bitcoin because of certain online payment processors’ subjective terms of service, more specifically their blanket ban on anything they consider “obscene”. I doubt I need to explain what a slippery slope that word is. I had to find a way of doing business without violating any such clause, which is when I was told about bitcoin. I decided to give it a shot, and it’s been a very valuable tool for commissions.

Want to take a peak at AnimeFlux’s work? You can head over to his Hentai-Foundry page. Got any artist you would like to recommend? Make sure to leave a comment below.

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