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In this edition of the Lewd Spotlight series, LewdGamer meets with western hentai artist Aedollon. This French-Canadian from Quebec sports a unique style, with a strong focus on details and dynamics in his illustrations.

This guy has got a lot to say about his life and views on the industry moving forward. Hopefully, we will see some other surprises from him down the line as the adult scene expands and improves on quality content in the west.

LewdGamer: So, what is your story? How did you get into the adult scene and what keeps you motivated in creating more?

Aedollon: I guess I’ve had a very sharp interest in drawing since I was quite young, like lots of people. But I started drawing my first hentai pics when I was around 12, there was no doubt I’ve had an extremely strong sexual drive for such a young guy and I never really knew where it came from, but nonetheless, art was my medium to express it already.

My debut where on Lola when Space Jam released in 1996. Then later, as a fan of the SNES classic RPGs I made a Kat, from Breath of Fire II as well, but countless other ones. I like anthropomorphic based characters and more exotic ones, not really in the classical bimbo alley. Not the kind of things I would have talked about or shared to youngsters of my age at the time. But it felt good drawing. I remember my drawings being extremely lewd at age of 14-15 where I could literally draw that Lola with a baseball bat stuck in her cunt in a baseball suit instead of her basketball attire and some reference to female scat stuff even. I drew everything already with a wide array of different fetishes or things I’ve never seen nowhere else before, and that is pretty fucked up. Hey, I had no internet until 15, until my mother gets her hand on a 56k modem, and even at that, didn’t knew the name of all those freaky fetishes and porn jargon.

I think its my sexual impulse alone that honed my lines, but eventually I went to apply for a job as a concept-artist at 17 for 35 mm wargame miniature designs and was picked up, because I loved the entertainment industry and I had good dynamic sketches pitch already. I discovered external influences there both from the fantastic and pin-up world there. Hypersexuality playing a major part of the concepts of both male and female characters still today in the gaming industry, I worked good, I knew what people wanted to see and how to draw it. I learned a lot from my influences while working, but eventually got fired when the company aimed to produce a paint line for the minis instead, we lost our creators department.

I was barely 18 and thinking about going freelancer, but I had no mentor, poor social skills, a loner mentality, my english was good (we were all french there) but could be a language barrier sometime, I learned the hard way.

I’ve been a idealistic regular teenager with fucked up dreams, but it’s because we don’t know how to do any other way. And I don’t regret it, because it works great today. I’ve gathered tools and experience, and with the internet (god thanks the interwebs) learned to compensate for my failures and invested in myself. I’m very happy about who I am today, how I can now cope with it and how prepared I am for the future. I always look forward working on and planning new projects and how blessed I am to find so nice supporters online, people that shares finally similar interests, as fucked up as they are, and such an understanding and lovely partner at my side.

The best as still to come, I believe.

LewdGamer: What kind of content do you consider your favorite to draw? Do you still have difficulties dealing with certain subjects?

Aedollon: I like females, that is for sure. Classical females, with a pussy. Call me conservative on the gender side, because that’s all there’s conservative about me. *wink wink* With time I grew tired of vanilla stuff, (first, as a consumer, then as a creator of it) it’s so abundant that I went looking for more artists doing extreme stuff, how they pull it out here and noticed they were pretty scarce online.

I’ve a past as the user “Slimy”, where I was drawing pretty fucked up shit, like shemale furries jerking off with their vomits (it’s my top gross commission, somehow proud of being there…) and chicks enjoying anal sex while shitting, I closed it because most of my projects where mostly directed by the furry community until I reached over to Hentai-Foundry. In between I closed my Slimy account to ask me where I was going, what I wanted. A year later, the asepticizing change to hentai-foundry was actually refreshing and I reopened under the Aedollon banner with more clean (vaginal, double penetrations, sex toys, you know, “cute stuff”) and rule34 pics. The thing is, I still had that fetishy itch to do that more gross stuff and most of the community received my first scat and anal prolapse preview pictures with reluctant reactions and some kink shaming comments and responses. But at some point you got to decide who is following you, so I decided to keep posting them with the proper tag so the kids can filter it out while I still post my disgusting pictures online. I chose to do it for those that likes it rather than not do it for those that hates it, it was a very positive change to decide to go on and publish more fetish-based stuff and I lived much better with myself after. Not only that, I haven’t lost any real supporter over that change. Nothing bad happened.

Eventually, some people (and myself) understood variety is the spice of life. I understand it’s disappointing when you associate an artist with a single kink and you realize his latest update isn’t about what you expect, so I decided to launch my collection of picture packs (folio) under the Black Sheep banner, with everything people mostly look for when they go into hardcore to fetish from simple provocatively posing pin-ups. So bondage gears, exotic sex toys in vaginal or anal penetrations or even double/triple penetrations, enemas, gaping holes and prolapse, chicks pissing, farting and shitting in sexy lingerie or their original game/movie costume. So when folks looks for these small packs (wich they can get on my shop for around 10$US for a set of 8 to 10 pictures) they actually always find what tickles their fancy, plus it supports me and gets me going.

I have a lot of problem dealing with hypersexualized stuff for the sicko I am, ironic right? I hate fake bimbos, fake boobs, gender ambiguity and most things that don’t seem natural to me or that are strongly conditioned behaviors. I have a strict female-only rule on my subjects, I accept transsexuals in a version of the folios I do sometime because I observe it as a fetish, a lot of people likes it and I respect that, but for me, not a lifestyle or gender I approve.

There’s actually more chances I draw a male than a shemale as a folio subject.

I also don’t deal with violence or blood nor support it even as fan of unpolitical correctness in porn. As much as my girls can prolapse their gut out in spectacular freak shows, I’ve no interest in seeing them being gutted.

LewdGamer: I have noticed that you have a tendency to exaggerate certain body parts, and you have a focus on details as well. What has inspired this, and do you feel as if details are things people appreciate in today’s market?

Aedollon: Yeah well, I think seriously about having an altar at home with Nezumi’s works, incense and candles where I can pray for more of is heavenly inspiration! But honestly That artist among a lot of others which I will not name for the sake of name dropping, but they inspire me all. There are very few good “holes” artists out there, artists that can turn a gay sub guy into a power-top on a piston-dicking frenzy, that, my friend, is an incredible talent.

But I like both exaggerated figures and extreme silhouettes, very thin girls or very tall ones, chubby or not, pear or “V” shaped, I like variety in everything. Then you got foreshortening, dynamic close-ups and POVs as tools to give more space to the focal are of the body, to put even more details! So yeah, you got to use these tools when working on focal points.

Peoples do look for quality products everywhere of course and even if most popular artists are more productive and fast rather than detailed, its important people with techniques requiring more time and application work their magic, because there is definitely someone looking for that somewhere, you know because there’s always one that logs in every time in your livestream and say it. I decided to go with a medium that allow me to go crazy into details, a pencil or inks are amazing for this, and allow a quality that could never be replicated in 3D or in any animation process, as it would slow the rate of production dramatically. As much as I like animations too, my desire to apply details is a great handicap to my flash projects. It’s also pretty instructive to know how something is done in details, not just synthetized for another purpose, and attention to details is indeed a good tool for any artist.

LewdGamer: What do you consider some of the biggest challenges as someone who does adult work?

Aedollon: Building a work environment that is motivating. As any freelance worker that is at home, you rarely find the external motivation. In such a competitive environment, talking to other peoples, even online, doing livestreams, collabs, trades and work together or with a partner even is not something that is always viewed as a tool. But it’s the most powerful one. Finding that energy to start out my “workday” motor and avoid procrastination was a huge challenge, until I decided to invite people into sharing their worktime with me. It gives somehow a symbiotic feel, like a single person starting to work can motivate a whole team to follow just by looking at it. The human is made to work, he hates being bored and feel remorseful for doing nothing. You’ve no boss to push yourself in the ass, there’s no bell here, you’re home, in a comfortable and secure place, it takes lots of discipline to whip yourself up in shape.

LewdGamer: Like I tell plenty people I have come across, I feel as if the adult scene is entering its development stages to something respected and legitimate in the west. Do you think the future is bright with the new options content creators have?

Aedollon: I think its a matter of responsibility regardless of the means available. We, today, have much more tools, but it also comes with more responsibilities. Which aren’t always playing in favor of the artist or in its control, since they aren’t always adequately monitored, either independent of the artist’s will or they cannot be entirely automated. We have a “lazy gap” somewhere.

And it’s not just about the options the creators have, it’s also about those the consumer have, paired with bad consumption habits. And I know a lot of platforms that would love to be viewed as “more professional” that either still violate artist’s copyrights or allows users to upload more content without supervision, without regards of their upload policies or their servers upload policy and no coercive measures, and it’s not like there are no moderators. As long as these rotten apples will spoil the artists for their selfish gains, I think we won’t live in a society that is profitable for the artist yet to the point where it is also advantageous to be declared professional. What is a professional shit-eater? What does being professional gives you?

Being an artist is a matter of credibility and solidity of reputation, it won’t happen on platforms that aren’t reflecting that taste for professionalism which artists are striving for and leeching on like a bone and abound so far. Hence the reason why most successful of them have their own platforms or getting covered under the wings of crowd-funding platforms like Patreon, it is secure. Artists that can perform full-time today without one will have much more to do more than working on their canvas. I have to hunt down myself forums every once in a while; sending DMCA notices, cease and desist notices, track IPs and hoping my art output is higher than my leak output, since there’s no real way of stopping this.

No, to resort to legal means at such an early stage of development of a business (because being an artist is running a business) is not normal and yet very common, this hurt the credibility of the industry immensely and makes it very discouraging to artists to work and expect a salary (some call it “paywall”) from the online community. This is not just mere forum wars; we all pay in the end in a way or another. It results in much less content on the web in overall since artists aren’t encouraged to produce full time. It’s lost potential, since money is an incentive, a colossal amount of creative energy put to waste to save a few bucks, it’s incredibly disappointing from a creator’s point of view.

I don’t put faith in the future, but rather the creative nature of artists to find way to organize themselves in a way that will respect their common goal of integrity and elevate themselves above their products from the consumer’s point of view.

If you’re interested in looking at more of Aedollon’s work, you can head over to his Hentai-Foundry page. Got any artist you would like to recommend? Make sure to leave a comment below.

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