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3D animator sakamotoJ has released a new femdom VR title based on the Prison School manga, titled Dorei Nikki 3D (Slave Diary 3D) : The VR Experience, in where you play as “the disgusting pig.” The vice-president throws you into the school jail after calling her “mom,” she then proceeds to dole out sexual punishment upon you.

Dorei Nikki 3D: The VR Experience is a VR remake of sakamotoJ’s  3D animated short Dorei Nikki (Slave Diary). Taking his crisp, gorgeously cell-shaded animation a step further, he has turned the premise of his video into a full blown video game experience for fans of VR porn games and femdom to enjoy.

There’s a lot of potential to be found in the fledgling VR industry, particularly when it comes to games featuring sex. By allowing players to truly step into the shoes of a character, these games can bring a whole new experience to our enjoyment of lewd material by taking it a step farther than just looking at stills or watching animation on a screen. Dorei Nikki 3D has the potential to be one of these games, taking sakamotoJ’s love for Prison School’s vice-president to the next level for your enjoyment, and punishment.

For your reading pleasure, we have translated an article detailing the game, which you will find below:

A new VR game based on the popular Prison School manga has been released on DLsite. The game allows you to be punished by the vice-president. It’s called “Slave Diary 3D (VR Ver.)” by sakamotoJ.

The game features me (the disgusting pig) accidentally calling the vice-president “mom” and getting thrown into the school prison; getting harshly (thank god) VR punishments. The light hitting only the bed inside that dark prison cell makes for quite an immoral feeling.

The title screen. Pressing F1 brings up a menu on your left side. Next sends you to the next scene. Show allows you to pick the vice-president and pig’s clothes.

You have a good degree of control over the point of view. You can press “c” during the game to switch between “Fixed mode” (press space to change angles), “Mouse camera mode,” and “Mouse orbit mode.” In terms of how the VR is presented, mouse camera mode is recommended. Use the mouse to control the camera and find that perfect angle.

This image shows the above mentioned camera controls.

Delightful pressure play.

You can attack the stubborn vice-president from behind.

The creator, SakamotoJ, has made a game in the past starring Rebuild of Evangelion’s Mari Illustrious Makinami. The name of the game is “Kemono Keitai 01 -BeastMode-, and it made SakamotoJ relatively well known. This time, he’s also focusing on a high-spec model of a famous character, and the entire game is going to be in full boss mode.

If you’re playing it with a Vive, boot up SteamVR, then once HMD and Base Station have been confirmed, execute the file, and it will enter VR Mode.


- – Real-time toon shifter makes for full 3DCG animation

- – Free camera control (using mouse, keyboard, or Xbox controller, etc.)

- – Can change outfit ranging from a uniform to a rubber suit

- – VR (OculusRift CV1, Vive) both supported

You can grab Dorei Nikki 3D (Slave Diary 3D): The VR Experience from DLsite English for $15.83. As stated above, the game works with both Facebook’s Oculus Rift CV1 and HTC’s Vive.

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