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The latest build of Whorelords of Draenor is here and is available to all Zuleyka Patrons. The new build brings engine improvements, battle system changes and more.

Back in July, we brought you news of a parody game, Whorelords of Draenor. Set in an alternate World of Warcraft universe, this stealth-based RPG has players take on the “Iron Dicks” clan. This race of orcs plan to take over Azeroth and has taken our heroine captive. You’ll have to use all your wits to escape, or face the true power of the Iron Dicks.

Now that we’re in September, we have a new build of Whorelords to report on. Released just last week, this latest edition brings us up to version 2.0, which adds a number of new changes.

One of the more notable changes is the improved engine. Developer Zuleyka promises a much faster engine (up to 3 times quicker) which should offer players a silky smooth 60 FPS experience. On top of that, Zuleyka has added a series of quests, animations and a bunch of sexy skins to boot.

For more info on this new build, check out the details below. You can also visit the announcement page itself , along with the prior 2.0 update post . To give the game a try, you can also find the public demo here . For a full version, visit Zuleyka’s Patreon page.

###Change Log

- ♡New sex battle system and stealth mechanics

- ♡3x faster game engine – up to 60FPS on capable machines

- ♡New sexy quests and animations

- ♡New extreme scenes and plot lines

- ♡Over 40 brand new erotic skins

- ♡Added traders to the game – sells useful items to aid you on your quest

- ♡Weapons are now more similar to WoW – new deadly weapons to fight orcs with

- ♡Added “Gnome Disenchanters” – Gnomes can now open any magical items and chests you find, for a fee of course

- ♡Even more for registered Patrons

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