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Source Filmmaker producers Studio FOW have released a new short 3D porn animation featuring Dragon Age’s Morrigan getting defiled by demons and marauders.

Studio FOW, the porn peddlers that leave no popular series uncorrupted, is back with another new raffle short. Morrigan, from BioWare’s acclaimed Dragon Age franchise, has landed herself in quite the pickle and is getting pickled with plenty of creamy manjuice in their newest short.

Skyhold, Year 9:37 Dragon

The forces of Corypheus stormed through the ancient halls of Skyhold, destroying everything and everyone in their path. Without the Prophet and Leliana to lead them, the stalwart Inquisition quickly crumbled under the demonic onslaught. Morrigan had one chance to escape, but she couldn’t leave Keiran. And by then, it was too late – Fade tears had opened inside the keep – the final nail in the icy coffin of the resistance.

She tried to block it all out as they took turns defiling her. She blinked back the flood of tears, as memories of the Warden, her companions, and Flemeth flashed before her eyes. She couldn’t even feel the pain anymore, as marauders and demons alike ravaged her athletic body. Hours, perhaps even days passed and by then she was covered in Andraste knows how many fluids. She moaned softly, turning her head weakly to the side, as yet another rugged cock filled her womb – it was then she saw him staring back at her.

Nothing remained now but shame.

A lot of backstory for a short video running just a bit over a minute. If you’re interested more in the action itself though, you can now watch the full video down below and check out a few additional sample screenshots.

For quality porn collectors, there’s also this HQ download link . It may also bear mentioning that Studio FOW has a Patreon, for any who would like to support their work in creating more porn parodies. We’re looking forward to what kind of fetish the talented producers at Studio FOW will cook up next.

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