If you build it, they will cum

A group of three young men and three young women are all hanging out together at one of their homes; it’s only natural things become sexual. Of course, youthfulness is nothing if not playful, so the sextet take a classic game and put their own spin on it. In Team Strip Match, you play as the boys in a unique kind of strip game to help them on their never-ending quest to see naked women.

Team Strip Match is Silver Bard Games’ newest project featuring the Unity engine and the most upbeat elevator music one can find on a royalty-free music site. Right now it’s a pretty basic game with not a lot to do aside from easily winning and staring at 3D breasts. However, Silver Bard Games did include a small list of what he has planned for the future of Team Strip Match, though no timetable is given.

-  – Textures and shaders aren’t great for some of the character models. I should be able to improve them with some work.

-  – More commentary and animations for existing characters

-  – A character select screen to allow you to mix up the teams

-  – Better music. That royalty-free music is very royalty free, but maybe I can find something more unjoyable

-  – More characters. Probably pulled from my other released and unreleased games. (I may make these a Patreon Supporters reward, I haven’t decided yet)

-  – Some sexy stuff for eliminated characters while they wait for the game to finish

Just don’t focus on the man buns

It doesn’t seem to me that Silver Bard Games is planning on going too crazy on this project; he will likely make a refined, polished, and complete game out of Team Strip Match, and leave it at that. If I were to wager a guess, I’d say that Silver Bard Games is using Team Strip Match as a way to learn Unity for future, more ambitious games with a greater focus on gameplay than a simple card game. That’s just speculation, however, although it would be nice for more 3D sex games to be made.

The game itself is very simple. Every character draws a card at the beginning of the round, and each team picks a member to send up. That member then trades one of their cards out for one on the table. If you have three or more of one card type (of which there are seven types), you can use those cards to strip or debuff your opponents. Having more than three of one card type adds an additional target for each card past three. Once each team trades out and picks which cards they want to use, if any, then two cards on the table are swapped out from the deck, and the game continues.

Team Strip Match was just released a few days ago, so don’t expect too much out of it quite yet. I’m interested in where Silver Bard Games is going with this, and I think it will be worth keeping an eye on. If you would like to check out what he has so far, you can download the game from the forum post about Team Strip Match. As always, if you’d like to contribute to the production of Team Strip Match and Silver Bard Games’ other games, you can do so at his Patreon.

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