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New Build of The Dark Lord's Trip Out Now

A new build of Logan Castle’s The Dark Lord’s Trip is now out. Take control of Hades in human form as you fight through this Princess Trainer-inspired world.

Have you ever felt a fondness for death itself? Perhaps you watched Disney’s Hercules as a child and felt a powerful lust for Hades, in all his snarky, sarcastic glory. If you did, then The Dark Lord’s Trip may be just your thing.

With a new build surfacing just this week, The Dark Lord’s Trip aims to entice fans of the Princess Trainer series by Akabur. Intended as a spin-off, The Dark Lord’s Trip will feel familiar in its design.

You’ll spend your time playing as the Dark Lord himself – Hades. That’s right, the seemingly unrelated blurb at the beginning was actually relevant after all. Unfortunately turned human, Hades now roams the world in this strange form, seeking out new goals to satisfy his interests. These interests are quite specific; his transformation has left him with a “perverted” streak, where he feels a strong urge to fuck.

There are various game aspects in The Dark Lord’s Trip. Built in RPG Maker, there will be a taste of visual novel elements mixed with RPG elements, with a battle system already implemented. Hades himself plays as a “sword swinging mage”, while other characters encompass a variety of class types.

So, with that brief overview, what’s new to the game this month? To find out, you can take a look at the changelog below or visit the developer’s website for more. If you want to try the game out for yourself right off the bat, you can find downloads here . You can also visit and support Logan on Patreon.

Change Log September 10th

####Build 2016-09-08 after beta testing fixes/impovements:

♡The top of Lola’s and Merlin’s dialogue busts doesn’t cuts off when the choices appears;♡When you letting go the rabbit, you no longer have to wait till he runs off the screen;♡Fixed incorrect displaying of equipment: Equipment items are now displayed in a line, instead of a column;♡Added a button to remove an equipped item on the equipment screen.♡Some minor improvements in inventory’s code to avoid unexpected bugs;♡Rapunzel leaving the tower when you went too far;♡Guards are leaving the woods when you dispelling the Rider’s face.♡Lola stops repeating her line, after you spoke with Merlin.

####Build 2016-09-1, 2016-09-08 summary:

World: ♡Added 11 new maps: Thicket 1 (960×3200), Thicket 2 (2880×1920), Thicket 3 (3600×1680), Crossroad (1440×960), Damcus Village (2967×3936), Fat Lily’s Residence 1st floor (1248×960), Fat Lily’s Residence 2nd floor (1248×960), Merlin’s house (1248×960), Merlin’s Residence (1248×960), Secret Cave 1 (1248×960), Secret Cave 2 (1248×960);♡Added 37 pages of text for continuation of a storyline;♡Added new 8 dialogue busts for: Andreas, Marlis, Corona Guard Captain, Fat Lily, Lola, Red Riding Hood, Stabbington Brothers;♡New emotions: 23 for Lola, 11 for Red Hood, 11 for Hades, 8 Andreas, 3 for Marlis, 10 for Merlin the Wizard, 3 for Guards Captain, 5 for Fat Lily, 3 for Stabbington brothers;♡Added 2 girls for Affection Data;♡Added a sex scene for Red Riding Hood;♡Added 17 chibis NPC;♡Added 5 chibis scenes;♡New chibis blowjob animation;♡6 new items drawings + item icons;♡Added audio plugin for playing audio at a certain location in order to give a better atmosphere. The audios volume will be determined based off the players distance from the audio location;♡Added sounds for waterfall and Nymph’s river;♡Added jump plugin. Now the player can jump over small obstacles (short fences, recumbent logs, stumps, etc) by clicking on them;♡Added new sounds and music;♡Added new 5 types of enemies;

Fixes:♡One of the vitals plugins has been updated, fixing the rare bug that caused disabling of savings.

Changes / Improvements:♡New dialogue bust for Hades during the dialogue with Rapunzel;♡New replics for Hades during battles;♡New sound for using items in inventory.

Other Tweaks:♡If Hades was spotted, time of response from guards is now shorter;♡One of the thicket’s stashes is more easy to spot;♡Some other minor tweaks…

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