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Nutaku Announces Distribution Deal with Sekai Project

Nutaku has announced that they will be taking on a significant role in regards to Sekai Project and its adult releases.

The adult gaming platform website announced that they will be serving as the distribution platform for Sekai Project’s adult titles, which are released under the Denpasoft brand. This move by Sekai Project may end up being a step in the right direction for their Denpasoft brand, as the brand has been criticized by many within the visual novel community for various reasons. Nutaku’s streamlined releases, marketing muscles, and huge consumer base will more than likely help fix the issues of little to no marketing or exposure, unknown release dates, and delay gaps between all-ages and adult game releases that the brand currently suffers from.

However, Nutaku has stated that they will only be serving as a distribution platform, and will have no actual hand in the translation or content of the game. It remains to be seen if this deal will affect other concerns that many have had—particularly those concerning censored H-CGs, translation quality on some titles, ambiguity on dual all-ages and adult releases, and continual release delays. It also remains to be seen if all of Denpasoft’s titles will be released on Nutaku’s platform, as Nutaku has a compliance department that all titles must go through and pass in order for a game to be released on the platform, and exactly how this will affect Denpasoft in the future.

Now, we’re excited to announce a bold new initiative: Nutaku will take a significant role in distributing the adult versions of upcoming Sekai Project titles. Our platform will unreservedly serve as a means for fans of Sekai Project translations to get their hands on the full, uncensored version of their games. We’ll also be lending our voice to requests for adult versions of games, ensuring that Japanese developers can be confident in a judgement-free zone of enthusiasts waiting to enjoy the product of their labors.

The latest Sekai Project effort, ChronoClock, surpassed its $20,000 kickstarter goal within 48 hours of launch and demonstrated once again the enduring demand for professional localizations of the best overseas games. Nutaku will serve as the main distributor of the adult version of the game, though it will also appear later in the year on DenpaSoft, Sekai’s adult wing.

As a final note, these games are translated by Sekai Project and delivered to you with no changes on the part of Nutaku. The role of our company is purely as a platform to connect players with the games they wish to purchase.

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