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[UPDATE] Limited LewdGamer Staff Recruitment Drive is Up!

Greetings one and all, and welcome to LG’s first public (and limited) writing staff recruitment drive.

[UPDATE 12/21/2016] As of December 21st, the recruitment drive is closed. Thank you for all of your applications even if you were not chosen. Whenever we decide to resume recruitment, we will be sure to notify you in this post and on our social media. [/UPDATE]

[UPDATE 11/17/2016]  As of November 17, the recruitment drive is still going on and we are still accepting applications. [/UPDATE]

Running and ensuring that the amazing website that is LewdGamer stays intact is hard work, and creating interesting and fun content for our audience takes a lot of time and dedication. Our staff is currently quite small and to keep up with the growth of our business and frequency of article releases, we have decided to start our first ever recruitment drive.

What we’re looking for:

– Dedicated staff writers willing to handle our news section and other miscellaneous write-ups

What your qualifications should be:

– An unrivaled passion for all things lewd, erotic, perverse, kinky and fetishistic

– Excellent knowledge of erotic and adult gaming, including specific terminology only found in those thematic spheres

– Writing comes easily to you and you have an excellent grasp of the English language

– Well-versed in knowledge of multiple communities relevant to LewdGamer’s interests, as well as a member of said communities

– Diligent and able to work independently

– Thick-skinned, able to take criticism and swiftly learn from one’s mistakes

– Experience with WordPress CMS is a bonus

What we offer:

– Negotiable pay

– Full crash course training on how to do your job at LewdGamer

– A chance to passionately write about topics no other website is willing to cover and acquire an audience as a result

– Free hugs from LewdLogic

Please send your detailed applications, including all relevant experience and writing samples of news articles, video game reviews or editorials dealing with subject matters that would be of interest to readers of LewdGamer to If you have any questions regarding the recruitment drive or any details we didn’t disclose in this passage, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below. We’ll be sure to answer any concerns that come our way.

This offer is only available to those candidates who are 18 years old or over. We reserve the right to contact only the selected candidates.

Good luck and let’s all meet on the lewd side!

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  • 561

    Would this be a good entry level job for writers with no journalism experience?

    • SamuraiJack

      Probably not. Is this where you want to reference future job recruiters?
      No offense to LG.

      • Nothins

        you would be surpised. experence is experence.

        • SamuraiJack

          I guess in terms of pure writing experience its fine, just not exactly something that would go on your resume haha

          • Nothins

            I can’t remember from where, how ever, a few years back i read an article about something similar to this, using undesirable work as experience gaining to at least show you have some experience. While for the life of me I can not remember, the only real reason I have remembered the jist of it, is because experience is experience. it struck a cord with me when it comes to work, ill do what ever some one needs to do, the more experience and learning I get under my belt the better.

          • SamuraiJack

            That’s a great attitude to have in general.

          • Nothins

            the only problem is, i have next to no experence

          • If it’s not illegal, it goes on your resume.

    • Dave6487

      Depends on the person trying to hire you.

      Most reputable journalist outlets probably wont care so much. Pure journalism is about reporting facts and remaining impartial to the subject anyway.

      But if you are applying for a conservative leaning paper/magazine, you probably should not risk mentioning this kind of experience… Mind you I wouldn’t know why you would want to work for a trashy kind of place like that if you’re actually trying to be a reputable journalist.

      In short, if an employer holds this kind of experience against you, it’s probably not a place you want to build a carrier at. (assuming you’re not desperate for work -_-)

  • Nothins

    Considering I’m the type of person that loves to be surrounded by nudity, play naughty games, watch movies with boobie scenes, and also did a lot of writing up until a few years ago, I would love to do something like this.

    • Nothins

      that and come on man, free hugs? who wouldn’t

    • Rillania

      Doesn’t hurt to try!

      • Nothins

        oh fine

  • Moar Desu

    Oh I’d love to do this as a job, but sadly I don’t watch as much anime- let alone hentai as much as I used to. I guess my English language skills will have to stay on the shelf. :/

  • Interesting this site definitely has a hentai/Japanese games focus and is lacking someone to cover naughty stuff from AAA games and some Indies at the moment. I dunno if this site wants to stick with the Hentai/Japanese stuff but the content I tend to focus on is the area this site is lacking right now.

    • Rillania

      We’d love to cover more Western stuff and other materials. It’s just we lack people that really know the scene/want to write about it. It just happens most of our current writers are more Japanese/hentai leaning.

      Personally, I don’t know anything about the Western market aside from EVNs, which is why I don’t really write on it.

      • hmm I’m conflicted I wouldn’t mind covering Western stuff on this site and I have some journalistic experience but at the same time I wouldn’t want to stop working on my YouTube channel which I’ve been working on since 2014 through thick and thin.

        • Rillania

          You’re always welcome to reach out to us via email to discuss it.

    • Persoanlly speaking im a generalist when it comes to adult material with more specialization on japanese indie games as well as the west. While I would love more focus on the western market, we cover things when they have substantial updates to it or in some cases preview games close to completion which the west defiantely lacks. Japan just tends to have more solid releases and more shit in the first place so they get covered more.

      The west is in its infant stages regarding game making…japan has about 20 years on us and while this gap can be bridged faster now, it will still be sometime before we can say the west is on par.

      Personally the reason why LG was made was to cover the adult scene as a whole as best we can, but we have certain guidelines that need to be met before coverage. We definitely need more western enthusiast but i rather have a guy with universal knowledge. Considering the scene in the first palce finding competent writers that fill that bil is not an easy task.

  • Dave6487

    I would love to apply…..

    But I have enough stuff to keep me busy in life. I wouldn’t be able to commit properly -_-


    So what thumbnail is that from?

    • Sigfried Silverblade

      That’s fanart from the character Ema Yasuhara, from the anime Shirobako.

      Wait, is it allowed to link things like this on a disqus?
      I’ll be redundant and give a NSFW warning in a NSFW page… XD

      • ♥♠JRPGNATION♣♦

        OH I didn’t recognize her. Must have pure thoughts. Must have pure thoughts. Must have pure thoughts. Must have pure thoughts. Must have pure thoughts. Must have pure thoughts. Must have pure thoughts. Must have pure thoughts.

  • i_hate_legos

    Definitely going to try for this!

  • Aliens_Of_Gold

    Despite having a rather deep knowledge for this stuff, I unfortunately can’t write for shit.

  • StLeCrow

    Hope you guys find a good fit; I love sites such as LG, which give me a journalistic platform for thing perverted.

  • Ash

    Which countries can apply?

    • ZenithTheOne

      Not limited to any country.

  • tccboss

    What if I hated my audience, the medium and took pride in all of it? Do I still get a job?


    I have sent an email to : how long til i recive a reply?

    • ZenithTheOne

      If we are interested in your application we will reply to you in due time.

  • i_hate_legos

    DO you folks have any idea when you’ll make your decision?

  • Ryan Ohlson

    I mostly have an interest in covering visual novel news/reviews etc. I’m pretty new to the genre, and in terms of reviews would be more interested in story-driven titles than nukige, but I do have a strong interest in seeing the western market for visual novels and eroge grow, and do consider myself a strong writer. Something like this would also be ideal for a nocturnal college student like myself. Considering I don’t have as much interest in the extreme end of things, should I still consider applying? I would have no issue covering news and such with regards to those titles. Also, is there a deadline for applications?

    • ZenithTheOne

      You’re always free to apply. As far as the deadline goes, we’ll announce it once we get a sufficient amount of applicants we’d like interview.

  • a passerby

    are the positions still available?

  • Void

    I know it’s been a pretty long time this post has been up but I wanted to know if there was a “translator” job there ? My english may be pretty bad but I can translate anything to a very good french.
    Being in love with hentai, games and everything going around it, I would like to know if I would have my chance ?

  • Wilsonthegreen

    This is still on the front page, so does that mean recruitment is still going on?

    • ZenithTheOne

      Yes, it is.

      • Wilsonthegreen

        Would being a writer for H-games be considered valid experience to submit? You only mention editorials and articles as things to submit with an application in the article above but writing I’ve done for H is the closest thing I have to that.

  • Sir Adam Neverworth

    I’d love to apply, as I find this within my capabilities, however I find myself unable to provide previous work worth showing my current skill level in writing. Is there any chance you could give me a page on here and a game to research/write about as a test? I can assure you that I’m passionate, even though I’ve mostly just lurked everywhere I’ve been these past 6-7 years.

    And on a side note, did you expect full originality with a personality to back it, or are you looking for someone to somewhat replicate the style of your current writers?

    • ZenithTheOne

      Part of being qualified to write for us involves being able to do one’s own research and to keep acquiring knowledge by doing it. Do your best.

      We expect our writers to stick to certain set structures, but when it comes to style, it’s all up to you.

      • Sir Adam Neverworth

        I enjoy learning new things, and beyond that I love discussing everything I enjoy, so it looks like I’d love it here! Though I can’t say that I’m not a bit intimidated by the amazing work your current writers do, as I’m sure I’ll shy by comparison, at least until I’ve had the chance to learn a bit more.

        I’d like to write up a few mock-ups to submit with an application, is there a preferred format & file type for them to be delivered in? Though personally I’d prefer using the same process that your writers already do, but I’ll make do if it’s not an option.

        You also mentioned that WordPress CMS experience is a bonus, does that still count if I haven’t used it in a few years and could likely re-learn it again at a decent rate?

        • ZenithTheOne

          You can deliver it in whatever format you see fit, just as long as it’s a good portrayal of your knowledge and skill.

          As far as WordPress is concerned, it’s really straightforward and we cover its usage through a guide that we have for new recruits. You don’t have to worry if you are rusty in using it.

  • Red_BlueChaos

    What would count as a decent application for the job position. I don’t want to be confused during the process.

    • ZenithTheOne

      Outline your knowledge and experience, some personal information you deem relevant and attach writing samples.

  • Zyxenfryx

    What a bummer.. I meet every qualification except for the community thing.
    Because I’m a hermit.