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There are plenty of brothel and slave-training games out there, from Slave Maker III to Pillars of Perversion, and most focus on the brothel aspect more than anything. Sometimes, however, it’s nice to see a good game with sex on the side rather than a good sex game with a bit of gameplay on the side — Monster Love Hotel looks to be one of the former.

Monster Love Hotel is a rather pure example of an RPG, with the player controlling a party of two while roaming around various landscapes and through towns. The combat is really the only sort of gameplay, but it is broken up into two types of fights: actual fights and sex fights. These are pretty self-explanatory, with actual fights having the player fight a monster, and sex fights having the player use one or both characters to fuck a monstergirl or monsterboy.

One nice feature about the sex fights is that the player can choose to have only the male character or the female character present in the fights, so as to remove any content the player doesn’t want to see (i.e. the male protagonist being fucked in the ass). The player also doesn’t need to worry about the fights being harder without both, as the enemies in sex fights get two actions each turn when both characters are present, but only one action each turn when only one character is present.

There is no class system in Monster Love Hotel, and the only experience you can get is in one of four categories: Strength, Magic, Sex: Play, and Sex: Fuck. Each of these scores start at zero, and for every 100 a character gets, their prowess in that ability increases. The scores always go up by a predictable, set amount and both characters get the increase regardless of whether or not they’re present or active in the fight, so don’t plan to min-max quite yet. Strength governs how strong your attacks are, and magic has yet to be implemented in the game. Currently, the only spell that’s available is the “Futa spell”, which can only be used during sex fights, but still doesn’t increase the magic score.

The game itself is quite short and very stereotypical to RPGs so far, so expect to see all the clichés; Erwan (the male protagonist) seeming to like Golda (his female coworker and co-adventurer) romantically, a weapon shop, item shop, and magic shop in towns, and the like. If one were to play it in its current build, I’d recommend one get in, see all the CGs, and get out. The character design seems to have been made with expediency in mind since all the characters have the same body types, postures, facial expressions, etc. That’s not to say that they’re poorly made, but they all do look quite samey.

The only real issue one might take with Monster Love Hotel’s art is the non-character assets, which look like they were taken from a free asset website, and the breasts on some girls, which look like they belong on the BoltedOnMaxed subreddit. Lastly, the music is incredibly loud and obnoxious, so be prepared to lower it outside of the game, since the game doesn’t offer any in-game method. To me, it’s way out of place and annoying. You won’t miss out on any sexy sounds during sex, so feel free to simply mute the game entirely.

It’s nice to see Golda doesn’t discriminate.

The sex fights (along with the actual fights) would greatly benefit from being sped up. The animations aren’t that bad, but they’re repetitive and go on for a bit too long. If seeing cartoony characters getting down and dirty is your thing, then you’ll likely get a kick out of Monster Love Hotel. Otherwise, it may not be for you. The best aspect of Monster Love Hotel is the potential it has, however. I don’t know how long of a game the developer plans on making it be, but I could easily see it being a cute little $5 sex game you spend a couple hours playing through the once, and I can just as easily see it being a much larger, more engaging game that is more like conventional RPGs.

If you wish to follow the development of Monster Love Hotel, the developer, Vanja, has set up a blog dedicated to it. If you also wish to support the development of Monster Love Hotel, you can visit the Patreon for it. It is important to note that this Patreon account is for a two-person team that makes more than just Monster Love Hotel. All proceeds from the account go to developing the game along with making comics and other media, which you can see on the Patreon page.

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