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New Sci-Fi VN Last Days of the Universe in the Works

Last Days of the Universe, an adult science fiction visual novel, is now in progress. Work started in May for this 3D, adult orientated adventure.

Forget the Hugo Awards, they’re old news. Science-fiction may have fallen off the bandwagon in recent years, but here in the adult scene things, it’s going strong. We’ve seen plenty of games emerge in this genre, and we’re only likely to see more in future.

One such game is Last Days of the Universe. Created by developer Benoit, also known as “Last Days”, Last Days of the Universe takes a crack at the world of adult sci-fi.

Development of the project started in May, when Benoit began prototyping. Working with Unity, Benoit has really fleshed things out since then. A story has been put in place, locations created and characters developed. It’s come quite far in a short time, especially when you consider this is a one-man operation.

Last Days of the Universe begins on the brink of collapse. A super-massive black hole, discovered at the center of the universe, is engulfing everything in its path – and it’s not slowing down. Countless planets, civilizations, and species have been wiped from existence. While some have escaped, respite is only temporary.

A visual novel at its core, Last Days of the Universe will touch on player choice to shape the narrative. While still in its early stages, promotional material shows we can likely expect that classic, wholesome VN experience.

Of course, if things kick off for Benoit and Last Days of the Universe, we can expect even more. A number of funding goals are already in place, which offer additional features like an optional male lead or high-quality animations. For a game with sexy scenes, that’s never a wrong move.

The sexiness is definitely there too. A quick scan of the Last Days of the Universe gallery will tell you just that, and there’s no shortage of eye candy. There’s also plenty of girl-on-girl action here, which is always a plus.

If you want to check out Last Days of the Universe for yourself, you can do so here. There are versions available for Windows, Mac and Linux, so take your pick. Last Days is free — and probably always will be — thanks to Patreon, so if it’s something for you, stop by and lend your support . For everything else, visit the website.

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