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Amateur fan translator Nana has just released two translation patches for two classic M.I.N PC-98 titles, Réserve and Réserve 1/2.

M.I.N, for those unaware, is an early 90s eroge maker that spawned Silence, another eroge producer, which in turn created Sogna and Techno Brain. Sogna in particular became popular in the 90s for releasing short erotic game titles with high-quality animation and voice acting. If you’ve been on the Internet before the year 2000 or a bit after it, you may have encountered some of their animations and games from the highly-acclaimed VIPER series.

Nana decided to first of all tackle the fantasy adventure games Réserve and Réserve 1/2, as they were the first PC-98 games the translator has played and they hold a significant personal meaning to them that put them on the road to fan translating.

Nana’s Patreon page outlines the one-man group’s mission statement and explains why the PC-98 era in eroge is one yet to be fully explored by Western audiences.

The NEC PC-98 series of computers is one of the most important systems in computer gaming history. It was a Japanese-only line of computer systems, gaining a large amount of popularity with developers and really kick-starting the indie or ‘doujin’ gaming scene in Japan, resulting in literally thousands of games coming out in its lifespan.

However, the vast majority of these games have never been remade, translated, nor ported to other platforms. It is a library largely lost in time — unknown to Western audiences as most are untranslated, or ignored due to stereotypes of games with sexual content. I believe this is a tragedy, as the PC-98 represents a unique and brilliant era in gaming and programming history. Beautiful dithered graphics and little to no restrictions on content (as a result of independent publishing and development) resulted in a plethora of unique, beautiful, and fascinating games.

My goal is to translate as many PC-98 games as I can to English (not just a few select games I enjoy), and expose the world to many fantastic games that would never be granted attention otherwise. As Japanese is a context-based language, it is impossible for machine translations to ever adequately represent the tone or intricacies of the language.

With every translation that I create, I will learn new tricks about how to hack these games, and my grasp on the Japanese language will improve. In other words, the more time I can dedicate to translations, the faster future translations will become as well. My first goal is to translate 100 different PC-98 games.

I personally vow to never censor any games that I work on, and do my best to create translations that relay the original tone and content as best as possible. I will strive to ensure that my translations are bug-free and without spelling or grammatical errors.

Here are some plot outlines taken from the Sogna Digital Museum website and screenshots from both Réserve and Réserve 1/2 for your retro eroge-loving pleasure.


On the way to a date, Mio falls into a hole to another dimension. Eager to return before she misses her much-anticipated date, an elf fairy tells her the only way back is through the forest ahead, which crawls with monsters who have never seen a human before. Mio is given a set of powerful spheres to use as weapons and sets off to return to the real world, unaware of the monsters’ true intentions.

Reserve 1/2

The sequel to Reserve. Koumori, the bat girl monster, is tasked by the monster king, Lucifer, to venture into the human world in order to seduce humans so that their souls can be turned into more monsters. She is given a potion that allows her to disguise herself as a human teenager to assist in her task. Will Koumori be able to follow her mission’s objective or will she herself be seduced by the carefree human lifestyle?

The translation patches for both games are available here . As mentioned previously, Nana has a Patreon page used to provide updates on the on-going fan translation projects. A separate website for the group is also in progress of being made. Be sure to follow it for further update, and if you enjoy the translator’s hard work, be sure to throw some gold coins at them. Translating 100 classic eroge titles is quite a Herculean task to undertake, after all.

Since M.I.N, Sogna and any subsidiaries of these companies have not existed for more than a decade now, getting officially released copies of both Réserve and Réserve 1/2 is a feat and half. If you’re willing to do a lot of extra legwork to acquire both titles, we recommend you keep an eye out on Japanese auction sites like Yahoo Auctions , RakutenJapanese e-bay or Amazon. Happy treasure hunting!

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