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Erotic RPG "The Eternal Feast" Will Have You Serving The Mistress of Pleasure

Independent developer Yron Vol has started up an erotic RPG project called The Eternal Feast, starring a female protagonist in a demonic realm filled with lusty and powerful succubi.

Inspired by such popular titles like Mass Effect, Baldur’s Gate, Planescape: Torment and Trials in Tainted Space, independent developer Yron Vol has set out to create his own erotic roleplaying game set in a world populated by sex demons, titled The Eternal Feast. The player will play the role of Yra, a young woman and concubine to the realm’s dark goddess, dubbed The Mistress of Pleasure. As one of the chosen of the Mistress of Pleasure, Yra will be forced to gradually give up on her humanity and join the ranks of succubi devouring the souls of mortals in a visceral orgy of pleasure.

For your reading pleasure, we’ve broken down the features listed on the Patreon page for The Eternal Feast and presented them in a cohesive list below.


In the dark dimension of the Lus’Inne you take on the role of Yra, a young woman who finds herself in one of the most prestigious positions a female can acquire, that of concubine to the Mistress of Pleasure herself. Illustrious as the position seems, it turns out to be one of bondage, for not only are you expected to be present at the whim of the dark Goddess, you must also perform any and all deeds Her wicked mind devises.

The dimension of the Eternal Feasts consists of shards. Each shard can be seen as a miniature realm in which one of the Succubi of the game rules her household with supreme authority. The shards are connected by gateways: magickal doors, mirrors, large archways and the like bring the player from one abode to another, each vastly different from each other yet the same in a single respect – in each shard a ravenous Succubi feasts on the emotions and life energy of captured slaves.

Gameplay and sexual features:

A hellishly sexual world

Imagine a world where mankind is nothing but a plaything to lustful Succubi. The men these ravenous demonesses capture are turned into “Cockslaves”, physically altered thralls that serve a singular purpose – to pump semen into voracious Succubi orifices. For women the Succubi have more varied uses: some become house servants and handmaiden, others artistic entertainers like dancers and contortionists, but the majority end up as what are commonly referred to as “Pleasure Dolls”.

Supporting the Eternal Feast means you want to explore a world where demonic pleasure lurks around every corner. This goes far beyond Succubi feeding on the life-essence of men, as there are many forms of pleasure and excess in the world of the Feast. This includes but is not limited to:

– The seduction & abduction of prey – Excessive orgies – The creation of Cockslaves – The training of Pleasure Dolls – Scenes of punishment and abuse – Demonic sexual tools & freaky parasites – Gargantuan Incubi (inspired by Dmitrys Futa)

Become a Succubi

As the game progress Yra learns that the Mistress has big plans for her. Yra is to be Xara’Vol – one of the hopeful. The Mistress forces Yra – quite literally – to select either herself or one of her chosen as a teacher and lover, with the goal of eventually ascending mortality and limitation. Step by step you will be tempted to shed more and more of your humanity, until eventually you are as corrupted as the cruel demons you take pleasure residing with. Which demoness will you select to teach you how to drain the very soul from men and women?


Apart from its depraved world the Eternal Feast’s main feature is the ability to romance a varied cast of Succubi. These wicked temptresses are designed as a gateway to a dark side you never knew you possessed, and under their tutelage you will indulge in acts as twisted as they are obscene. If the support kicks in there may even be one or two androgynous Incubi to get intimate with as well, which due to their nature bring their own unique depravity to the game.

Gameplay wise the romances of the Feast are not to be confused with dating sim games: you’re not looking to collect trinkets and see what gifts raise your score, try all the dialogue options and see which one works or anything so linear. What matters are the choices you make. What you say and do, if you openly show affection in public, and if you criticize or praise your romantic interest when her freaky side emerges will determine how she feels about you.

Art on another level

I want the Eternal Feast to be like playing an immersive RPG or watching a good movie. I want you to forget what time it is, whatever daily drudgery you are submitted to at work or school, the fact that you haven’t eaten in hours… in short – I want you to get lost in the world of the Feast. Awesome art is mandatory to achieve this, and I take the utmost pride in managing my artists to bring my vision to life in vividly lewd detail.

Delicious voice acting

I’m working with a talented cast of ladies can act as convincingly as they can portray sexual scenes (and let me tell you, finding VA’s who can act AND do adult work is hard!). Instead of listening to me raving on about it enjoy this first character introduction:

An abundance of demonic fetishes

Depending on your romantic choice the game’s offering becomes substantially different. If you’re enthralled by the idea of Succubi molding slaves into perfect pleasure machines Lushere & Qiranthe will be your demons of choice. If you’re all about sitting on a large bed next to a demonic Goddess and watching brutal orgies unfold the Mistress of Pleasure is where it’s at. If on the other hand you enjoy the idea of Succubi seducing prey, and eventually reeling them into their wicked dimension to do unspeakable thing to them, the lavish Portaea is your partner in demonic crime.

If the game does well we may vote new Succubi or Incubi in to expand the range of the kinks and fetishes you may experience.

In-game choices that matter

The gameplay of the Eternal Feast is a mixture of interactive storytelling and RPG style dialogues. Your choices matter and shape the overal direction of the tale, but also decide how your romantic options increase or diminish. Which Succubi will allow you to have a lover on the side? And what happens when the cruel nature of your romantic other clashes with your very humanity?

Your own household

As concubine to the Mistress of Pleasure you will enjoy the luxury of your own private chambers. Here you can find your Sevilla (handmaiden) that cater to your every need, a bed fit for a queen, steamy pools to bathe in and more. As the game progress you may customize and expand your chambers with things like slaves, entertainers, a selection of toys and even specific furniture aimed at play sessions.

Be careful, however – at any time your romantic option may barge in unannounced, so make sure whatever devious madness you are cooking up in there strikes the right chord with her!

The Eternal Feast will be released episodically, similarly to titles made by Taletell Games, to make sure players get their hands on something juicy earlier while putting a lesser strain on the developers not having to work on a huge project in its entirety.

For those willing to venture deeper into Yron Vol’s imagined world of sex demons, you can support him on Patreon, where you can also follow the game’s development. Conceptually, The Eternal Feast looks like it has the power to turn many perverted heads towards it as the game’s development continues. Since the game doesn’t have anything yet resembling a playable demo, we will just have to wait and see what depths of sexual deviancy it will offer.

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