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Scratch Your Voyeuristic Itch with La Douche

(That's French for shower, by the way)

La Douche is a virtual reality experience by developer ZnelArts. Take the role of an invisible voyeur and play peeping Tom in a steamy shower scene.

In the new age of virtual reality, what will you use your newfound powers for? Will you use them for good? Perhaps you’ll use it as a visual aid in developing the technology that saves mankind. Or maybe you’ll just use it to get off, future style.

The first option seems like hard work, so we would certainly recommend the latter. Thankfully, you’re more than able to do this now, with a number of developers opting to focus on VR type experiences.

One such developer is ZnelArts. Znel has been busy working on La Douche, a voyeuristic VR game that lets you learn what it’s like to be a ghost. You’ll spend your time in La Douche as this disembodied being, able to freely move around the build environment to satisfy your current interest — a lovely redhead taking a shower.

While La Douche originally started as a test project, it has since become something more. Znel has been adding new features over time, such as the recent development for HTC Vive controller support. This has added a new layer of interactivity to the game, allowing players the opportunity to pause the action or simply fondle our female heroine.

La Douche is still a rather short little experience, which is certainly something you should keep in mind. VR is still sitting in its awkward “tech demo” years, with most titles lacking the substance of fully fledged games. With that in mind, La Douche is on the right track, and will probably evolve over time from these experimental beginnings.

If you want to try out La Douche for yourself, you can access it via ZnelArts’ Patreon page. Anyone wishing to play the game will need a pledge of $1, which is quite low compared to the average asking price. Your $1 will allow you a copy of the current, uncensored build, so if you fancy scratching that voyeuristic itch, check it out.

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