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Quick Look: Forbidden Fruit's "Cloned"

Cloned, a visual novel by Forbidden Fruit, is currently in development as an eroge. In this technologically advanced world, cloning has become a reality.

There exists a question, one that’s likely been around since the breakthrough moment of Dolly the sheep; if your clone existed, would you have sex with it? More importantly, is it gay?

Such questions will likely never be answered, at least not in our lifetime. We were born too late to discover the world and too early to experience hyper-advanced technology. Thankfully though, we’re right on time to explore the wealth of adult games available on the internet.

Cloned is a multi-chapter visual novel set in an alternate 2016. In this timeline, technology has advanced much further and has made cloning a reality. Much like the film The Island, however, clones are nothing more than spare parts. The first of these clones, aptly named Eve, discovers this disturbing fact, and decides to carve her own destiny instead – but she needs your help.

Cloned will be split into four chapters: a prologue, followed by chapters one through three. Player choice will dictate how these chapters unfold, with various dialogue options, events, and interactions that can impact progress.

Players will need to balance these decisions, which can lead to the demise of certain characters – including Eve herself. Focusing solely on Eve will result in fractured relationships and negative consequences, while opting solely to aid others will all but ensure Eve’s failure. Cloned will feature multiple endings based on this, so be sure to make the right choices.

So far, only the prologue is available to the public. This should be treated as a demo of sorts, setting the player up for the rest of the game. In terms of raw development, Chapter I has just been completed, seeing the player take control of Eric, Cloned’s player character.

If you’re interested in Cloned, you can access the game’s prologue here . For those seeking a little more, you can find Forbidden Fruit’s Patreon page here, where you can pledge for full access. This can be done for as little as $1, though there will be a short delay on release compared to the higher tiers. From the Patreon, you can also find more details, such as character bios and future plans.

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