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New Yandere Simulator Build Adds Sanity-Based Attacks

A new build for Yandere Simulator has been released, which adds sanity-based attacks to the mix. Yandere-chan will now change based on this newly tweaked stat.

Your monthly dose of “batshit crazy” is here. The newest build of Yandere Simulator has been released, which adds some interesting new features.

It goes without saying that Yandere-chan isn’t of sound mind. She’s never too far away from her next kidnapping, murder or sadistic torture session; basically, you wouldn’t want to meet her in a dark alley. Yandere Sim’s developer has kept that theme alive, and this month’s build adds an extra layer to Yandere-chan’s fragile psyche.

Sanity has had a major role to play in Yandere Simulator for some time. In a prior update, Yandere-chan’s sanity was made openly apparent, which had a large effect on her animations. This reached into the gameplay, with characters taking note of your now deranged stature. Characters would act accordingly, possibly fleeing or becoming wary of you depending on how low your sanity was.

In the newest build, YandereDev has also made changes to Yandere-chan’s attack patterns. Yandere-chan’s attacks will also be affected by sanity from today, with varying degrees of difference involved.

When attacking with high sanity, Yandere-chan will perform a quick, efficient kill. With all her mind’s faculties, she’s still on her game. Lose sanity however, and your attacks will become increasingly slow, sloppy, and of course, sadistic.

With that in mind, you’ll now struggle to take out large groups. Thankfully, YandereDev has also added stealth attacks, so you’ll need to think carefully on how to approach a murder.

Finally, YandereDev has made changes to the previously implemented “struggle” system. This system saw changes to certain attacks, with some students opting to intercept and overpower you, stopping your reign of terror. Players will now be able to take on teachers as well (assuming their physical stat is above 0), resulting in their death. If you’re successful, teachers will be replaced by a new, randomly generated one. We wouldn’t want to be that substitute, that’s for sure.

For a quick look at these changes, check out the developer video below or read the blog post here . If you want to try it out for yourself, you can also find a download link here. Did we mention you can pray to a turtle? You can pray to a turtle.

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