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Do you often find yourself thinking, “Damn. I really want to jerk off to two anthros going at it,” but can’t find anything good or new? Well, look no further, because Yiffalicious is a one-stop shop for all your furry fantasies. Currently in development by the two-man team of odes and Dogson, Yiffalicious is a “dynamic yiff engine” that’s all about creating and sharing different sex scenes. What odes means by this is that in Yiffalicious, the player will set up a scene with two or more anthropomorphic creatures, position them however the player likes, and then make them fuck.

Yiffalicious is being developed in the Unity 5 engine. According to the developer, it is recommended that users have a DX11 compatible graphics card (GeForce 460 or better) and an i5 processor with at least 2.5GHz. I tested the game on my powerful rig (GTX 970/i5-6500 at 3.20GHz) and my old, shitty laptop (Integrated graphics/i5 at 2.00GHz) to see how smooth I could get the game to run. On my rig, I could max out the settings and still get 1920×1080 at 50 fps while the scene was playing, but more than two characters slowed it down. Turning off ambient occlusion brought me up to 60 fps, though none of the settings really seemed to change how things looked aside from fur shading, which made the fur look less like a flat texture and more like, well, fur. On my laptop, which has a resolution of 1366×768, I could almost get 30 fps with all the settings down/off and an animation running, but keep in mind that this laptop is around six years old.

The major features currently in Yiffalicious are:

  • – The Poser — User interface system used to move characters and props.
  • – Procedural Animation — Automatic animation that makes characters’ body parts jiggle while they’re being fucked.
  • – POV Mode — Let’s the player look around through the eyes of a character (will eventually have VR support).
  • – Inflation — Bellies fill up as they’re pumped full of cum
  • – Detailed Orifice Dynamics — Orifices stretch to accommodate whatever is put in them.
  • – The Yiff Cloud Sharing Area — The place where creators go to publish their animations for anyone to play/edit.

The last of the list is the most impressive, since, due to the nature of the poser, each animation is only a few kilobytes to download. The way it works is that, since all the assets are already in the game, each animation needs only keep track of where characters are and the settings for each snapshot.

One of the best things that Yiffalicious has going for it is that you can make the experience as simple or as complicated as you like. The reason for this is that, if you just want to watch anthros fuck, you can find a user-created scene and hit play, then just sit back and “relax”. If you want to scale up the complexity of things, you can edit little things that you notice in the scene that you don’t like. Say the original creator of the scene you’re watching has a character’s tail clipping through something; you can just move and rotate the tail a tiny bit so it doesn’t clip, adding to your immersion and enjoyment. If you’re looking for a real challenge, you can set up scenes entirely by yourself by adding characters, adding props, and adjusting different sliders that effect how the characters act.

Nothing quite like fucking your boyfriend’s ass on your yacht.

So how exactly does one play Yiffalicious? Well, there isn’t really any gameplay to speak of. Yiffalicious is a tool to set up and watch anthros fuck each other, and nothing more. There is no story, no achievements, and no goals other than to have a good time while you explode all over your keyboard. As stated before, it’s just an engine, but we’ll refer to it as a game just for the sake of argument. There’s plenty to do and an incredible amount of customization however, with a growing list of areas, characters, and props to choose from. Another great quality about Yiffalicious is that the main limiting factor is your imagination and creativity. Obviously there will always be technical barriers stopping you from making the “perfect scene”, and there are plenty in the current 0.6.0 build, but with a bit of fine tuning I’m sure users won’t feel held back and will have a pleasant time editing.

This can all seem pretty daunting, however, if you are interested in setting up your own scenes. If you can’t find what you want on the cloud system Yiffalicious uses you’re out of luck unless you put the time in to make it yourself; but how does one do this? Yiffalicious has a posing system akin to those you would see in 3D modeling programs such as Blender, but much simpler. If you’ve never used this sort of program, all you need is an open mind and some basic spatial reasoning skills and you’ll be editing like a pro in no time.

It might seem like a lot, but this is literally everything being vomited onto the screen at once.

All the different nodes in the center of the above picture represent points on a character’s body. Most of the time you’ll be clicking on a blue node which you will then either move or rotate to wherever you want. Once you start editing one character, almost all of the nodes on other characters go away, making a lot of the clutter disappear. There’s also an infinite amount of undo and redo uses, which means there’s no reason not to experiment and see what all the nodes do. On the right-hand side of the picture is where things get a little more complicated.

For each character, there will be about eight different settings with many subsettings. These will determine how the character acts on their own. For example, under expression for the horse, you’ll see three different “EyesClosed” options, each of them appearing twice. These will be renamed in an update eventually, but a quick bit of personal research shows that each of these sliders makes the horse close his eyes with a different expression on each one (pained, relieved, or happy).

The reason there are two sliders for each option (which is present for many sliders) is that the top option is how much the character does that expression while fucking, and the second is how much they are all the time. For example, if EyesClosed2 was the relieved looking expression, and I set the top slider to full and the bottom slider to half, the horse would have his eyes half closed in relief all the time, and fully closed in relief when fully penetrating. It’s a lot to learn, but it’s not too difficult to learn.

All in all, I think Yiffalicious is headed in the right direction. For consumers, it’s as easy as finding a scene you like and clicking play. For creators, it’s simple, but not too simple. You have plenty of power, and people who are new to 3D model editing shouldn’t feel swamped. There’s a roadmap for future features, but I speculate that further down the line, there will be different editing modes, each one more complex than the last. The more complex modes will offer more customization, but will obviously take more time to learn and implement, while the simpler ones keep things quick and easy for new users to get used to.

Yiffalicious has been in development for about a year now, and as a result, odes has spread out to quite a few places on the internet. He has his own Furaffinity account that you can check out, but information about the game is best found on the Yiffalicious blog site. If you wish to further the world’s yiffing technology, consider supporting odes and Dogson over on Patreon.

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