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FemDomination, the latest title by Finnish game studio Citor3, has just been released. An immersive, erotic experience, players will dive into a world of sex and submission.

BDSM is a fascinating world. Those of you who indulge would agree that there are no hangups here. It’s a place where the ordinarily dominant alpha male can submit to the traditionally weaker sex without judgement. It’s a place where race, sexuality, and gender don’t matter; all that matters is your willingness to give in.

FemDomination, as the name would imply, sets itself up in that world. Described as an “erotic adventure”, FemDomination wants to take you on journey into sex and submission.

For reasons unknown, you arrive outside of a grand temple – the Temple of the Dominatrix. Feeling oddly tempted to go in, you’ll soon discover that this is no ordinary place. Once inside, a group of dominatrices will take hold of your mind, turning you into a mere plaything for their amusement.

With several areas at their disposal, FemDomination aims to entice your senses, allowing you to experience pleasure, pain and the power of submission. The developer, Citor3, has attempted to enhance this by incorporating VR. Players will be able to use their own device, such as the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, to fully immerse themselves in temptation.

FemDomination toys with a few techniques to achieve this. Using both sound and visuals, players are in for experiences with hypnosis and binaural programming. The game’s models have also been crafted by way of motion capture, in an attempt to immerse players just that little bit more.

There are a few extra game modes for players to enjoy too. For the true way to play, you’ll be able to try “experience mode”, the narrative-driven way to indulge yourself. For those of you who like a little bit more control (or just topping from the bottom), you can also try “arousal mode”. This offers a little more interactivity, allowing players to indicate their arousal level, which causes characters to act accordingly.

If you want to check out FemDomination for yourself, you can visit the developer’s website for more. From there, you can purchase the full game for $39, or individual scenes for a reduced price.

The game also has a trailer, which you can watch here:

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