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MangaGamer has announced six new visual novel titles at Otakon 2016. LewdGamer takes a look what we can expect from the publisher in the near future.

At this year’s Otakon convention in Baltimore, Maryland, MangaGamer announced six new title acquisitions at their panel, with two being from new developers and four from their current developer partners. The announcements included new partnerships with Purple Soft and 3rd Eye. Current partnership announcements included St. Michaels, two titles from Alicesoft, and liar-soft.



After an accident, Tooru experienced lucid dreams every time he slept. Realizing that he’s in a dream all the time means that his body cannot rest, leading to him getting rest only when he collapsed from exhaustion. One day, a girl who he hadn’t seen since the accident appeared in his dream. The girl Maia was the cause of his current condition and is a nightmare to him. However, another girl named Alice wandered into his dream, vowing to save him. Maia whispered in his ear: “This is the story of a sweet happy nightmare”.

A Kiss for the Petals – The Next Generation

This is the latest game in Fuguri-ya/YurinYurin/St. Michael Girls’ School’s Sonobira yuri series. The girls at St. Michael’s affiliated school are all excited for the main school’s ‘best couple’ voting event and decided to hold their own contest too, like their admired onee-samas. Lovely and affectionate couples were soon nominated, starting with the osananajimi pair Nagisa and Rina, and twin sisters Ai and Aya.

New transfer student Hazuki thought that it would not concern her, but she was chosen as well. She was paired with the pure and refined maiden Manami, who she greatly looked up to, but was like an unattainable flower to her. They were far from being a couple, so it would be futile even with the full support of their classmates. Hazuki decided to ask Manami to be a best couple with her anyway and she surprisingly agreed.

Sorcery Jokers

One day, magic suddenly was born. It was not only known by people, but it was also recognized by the current government. Now, it is used as an energy resource and has permeated many other fields. This story is about six people who live in a world where magic exists whose fates are intertwined.

Sona-Nyl of the Violet Shadows

In 1907, the advent of steam power and excessive use of it caused the air around New York to turn dark. There was an unexplained disaster called the “great disappearance” 5 years ago and the government blocked off the city. Now, there’s only one girl who walks in the ruins of the city: Elicia. Meanwhile, down below the ruins, Lily looks at the ‘sky’ which is stained purple. She doesn’t have any memories, but she knows that she has a mission to reach the edge of the purple sky, Manhattan. A mysterious boy A accompanies her and along the way, they learn more about the truth from others and are attacked by monsters on their journey. What is her true purpose? What actually happened 5 years ago to New York?

Rance 5D

Rance 5D, the seventh entry in the Rance series (since there were three “nr. 4” games), begins in an embarrassing way for the hero: he is lost in a huge dungeon, with only his loyal and lovely slave Sill to help him. Little does he know that escaping the dungeon will be just the first part of a new adventure, which will involve invoking ancient powers, meeting an old rival, and of course, having fun with various girls.

Rance 5D introduces new features to the standard gameplay formula of the series. The dungeon navigation is done from a “wheel screen”; the player has to spin the wheel, and as a result Rance and his party will advance to a new location. Even though the player can choose the speed of turning the wheel, and field representing different locations are displayed on it, landing on a new location depends mostly on luck. Rance can encounter a random enemy, find a treasure chest, trigger an event, etc. The battles are somewhat simplified, using a standard turn-based engine without the strategic element of moving on the battle field. As always in Rance, expect to see some hardcore erotic images.

Rance VI

After offending a high-ranked magic user in the kingdom of Zeth, Rance was ironically thrown into the slave camp while his magic-using slave Sill was treated as a VIP. Vowing vengeance, Rance joined up with an underground resistance group determined to overthrow Zeth’s government (and be reunited with Sill).

That’s all for MangaGamer announcements from Otakon 2016. We will not be writing an article from Sekai Project’s panel, due to there being no real pertinent news or releases relevant to our material coverage.

We will keep you up to date on any answers or breaking developments we come across in regards to these new releases.

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