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The Australian ratings board has refused another game this Summer – Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni citing the sexual nature of the game as its root cause for concern.

As we publish this, our fourth article on the joys of Australian living, a bigger issue rears its ghastly head. You have to ask – what good is censorship?

While researching this article, we went over our other pieces on Australia, and their distaste for sexual themes. In doing so, something fairly big stuck out to us. Two games, in particular, Gal Gun: Double Peace and Valkyrie Drive – the subject of this article – would both avoid any form of censorship for their Western releases.

And yet, both of these games had the same treatment as other censored titles. Titles like Criminal Girls 2, which publisher NISA claimed had to be censored to get past ratings boards. All three of these games saw trouble in Australia, but were all accepted in the EU and US. What was different about Gal Gun, or Valkyrie Drive?

Things get even more interesting when you look to the classification.

According to the Department of Communication and the Arts (DCA), Valkyrie Drive saw an immoral representation of sexual violence, code (1a). Compare this to Gal Gun, which was originally approved for sale in Australia , albeit with an R18+ rating. The game was subsequently removed from some shelves, but it’s interesting that Gal Gun was approved over Valkyrie Drive. Gal Gun even had groin stomping.

From this, we can gather one thing – censorship isn’t really working as intended. Games are still being banned in Australia, with or without censorship. Games are still being approved in the West, with or without censorship. Is a censored title really doing developers any favors?

Of course, fans of Valkyrie Drive can still pick up the game online. Sony has always been fairly good with region-free gaming, so Australians out there will have access if they really want it. Luckily for them, publisher PQube haven’t made the same mistakes as others, and they can grab this title censor free.

If you want to check out the other games mentioned here, you can find our previous coverage on Valkyrie Drive, Gal Gun and Criminal Girls 2 right here. We’ll also have a Gal Gun review up later today, in all its girl touching glory. Just don’t tell Australia.

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