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The seafaring adult RPG game Venture Seas has just received a new content update, marked version 5.0.5, adding many graphical improvements and minor fixes.

Switch and Virtuous Development have recently released a new public build of Venture Seas, an adult RPG game with a heavy focus on sea adventures. The new version of the game includes many minor game fixes of the already existing content. graphical overhauls and inclusions to the item system.

New build and many (minor) features added and been refining a lot of the existing content. I created a few new bugs as I attempted to add features last minute (sorry!), but none should be game breaking (that I noticed).

Something fun I’ve been adding is a rarity system for items, and nice looking ‘cards’ and reward bags for winning combat (or found in dungeons). I’ve also documented loads of new items to bulk up the list of treasure you can find (icon artwork is currently out for commission by some talented artists).

Another noteworthy addition is a new background style, where I created simple models in 3D and used ‘hand painted’ textures.

(The 3D ship model and many of the textures are not my own creation. Original ship model and textures will be drawn before game release)

I believe basic 3D scenes will save time while allowing for a fitting style of background. I can create a library of basic 3D models (barrels, crates, pieces for interiors) and render/reposition many varied scenes as opposed to 2D art, which each scene usually needs an entirely new redraw, fixed at one particular angle.

If you want a full list of the changes for version 5.0.5, you can find them all in the changelog. The changelog helpfully documents every development since Venture Seas was born, so you can easily follow the team’s development progress.

The newest game build of Venture Seas can be downloaded by following this link . You can also find some mirrors here, which include links to all previous versions, should you wish to access them. If you’re just finding out about Venture Seas and enjoyed the experience, be sure to stop by the developer’s Patreon page to lend your support.

For more on the latest releases, be sure to follow our Twitter and Tumblr accounts for up to date posts.

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