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Sudden Attack 2 to Shut Down in September

Sudden Attack 2 will be no more come September, leaving players to ponder the cause. This comes after a recent controversy, including the developer cutting ties with publisher Nexon.

Here at LewdGamer, we’ve had a recent run of articles focusing on South Korea. Their entertainment industry is currently in turmoil over a recent controversy, which has led the South Korean manhwa industry to implode. This comes off the back of further issues in the country, which has a serious divide when it comes to sex.

This could have had an effect on South Korea’s biggest FPS series – Sudden Attack.

A few weeks ago, we brought you news that Sudden Attack 2 had been censored. It’s hard to say exactly why this happened, but the atmosphere in South Korea likely played a part. Sudden Attack 2 had some pretty good looking character models, with females being particularly photogenic.

It came to light that some costumes (seen above) were causing issues for the publisher, leading to their removal. Whether this was due to backlash, or simply a preemptive response, is unclear. South Korea has an extreme intolerance to pornography, and coupled with the nation’s gender divide, it may have been too much for the publisher.

This apparently wasn’t the last we’d hear of Sudden Attack 2. As of September 29th, the game will no longer be available. This is surprising for many reasons, like the game’s predecessor surviving 106 weeks at number one in the charts.

Fans of the game probably won’t be pleased, especially considering that the game started well with 640,000 registered users . Interestingly, the developers—GameHi—have also cut ties with publisher Nexon, which may have contributed to the game’s downfall.

It’s hard to say if one thing caused Sudden Attack 2’s early demise, or if multiple factors contributed. According to our source in South Korea, players didn’t take kindly to Nexon removing a major appeal, and just lost interest. There’s also a chance that developer GameHi didn’t appreciate losing players, and subsequently cut ties with publisher Nexon.

Regardless of your personal views, South Korea is in a pretty dark place. With a ban on porn, a war on sexuality and a government just crazy enough to join in, this probably isn’t the last you’ll see of South Korea on LewdGamer.

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