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Editor's Note - I'm Going To Otakuthon To Meet Nutaku

Got any questions?

Hello, Lewdites! The last time I spoke to you assholes publicly, it was regarding Twitter being shitty about our account suffering from suspension.

Thanks to you guys, we got that sorted out real quick and I want to make it known that I appreciate all of the support you have given us since the very beginning.

Some new events have happened recently that needs to be addressed in order to maintain transparency with our audience. A few days ago, I had a discussion with the Vice President, as well as other staff members of Nutaku concerning some certain matters. The more important parts of our discussions entailed their future, as well as their potential impact on the industry and their practices. I have some criticisms regarding their platform, which I was able to relay in our conversation in an online conference. To have a more face-to-face talk about these issues, Nutaku has invited me to Otakuthon in Montreal, Canada. They were willing to finance my trip in order for us to further our discussions about their direction moving forward with the hope of coming to solutions to some of their current issues.

I will meet the staff at their headquarters while I attend the convention and plan on documenting my time there with recordings and possible photos.

If you fellow Lewdites have any questions that you feel need to be addressed in our conversations, leave them in the comments below. I will do my best to bring up as many of these concerns as possible. With your help,  I look forward to these talks in order to help further our goals on improving the adult scene.

See you when I get back, you perverted fucks!

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