Putting the "Joy" back in joystick

Marvelous Entertainment has started a new Summer and water sports-themed event for their card collecting mobage Senran Kagura: New Wave.

When the Summer heat gets to you, the fastest way to cool down (other than consuming a copious amount of frozen treats) is by taking a refreshing dip in the pool. Staying diligent to their training regime and making sure to have fun while they’re at it, the Senran Kagura: New Wave shinobi girls venture to the pool to engage in water sports. If the SK girls weren’t sexy enough, it’s gonna be hard to resist their supple forms drenched in water and clad in swimsuits so appealing, you can’t shake a kunai at them.

As always, we have translated all the event details (courtesy of Gamer, as usual) surrounding this new event for your reading pleasure.

Starting July 24th, Marvelous will be holding a new event for their mobile game Senran Kagura New Wave G Burst titled “Falling off is no good♪ Shinobi-filled water sports training!”

At the start of the event, players will be randomly divided into two teams: red and white. As you play the game during the event, you’ll earn points, which add to your overall team’s points. The team with the most points at the end will earn a chance at rare prizes! In addition, if you surpass a certain number of points individually, your rewards will get better and better! In fact, you might even get a chance for rewards even if your team loses!

Event times: July 24th, 5:00 PM until July 31st, 11:59 PM.

Here’s one of the burst cards this time;


(Border Interception Attack)

Here’s the UR card you can get this time;


(Let’s get this started!)

Here’s the card you can get for a high ranking!


(Pool Spirit)

Association: Kagura Millennium Festival Executives Affiliation: Sen (flash) Rarity: LR Three sizes: Bust 94 cm, Waist 55 cm, Hips 89 cm

While Senran Kagura: New Wave is only available in Japan (and by extension, only in Japanese), there are still ways for the Western gamer to register and join in on the carnal card collecting craze. The Senran International Academy forums have prepared a few detailed text and image guides to help you get started. Even if you’re not a big fan of mobile or card battling games, you can still ogle all the delicious card artwork and female shinobi that are unique to Senran Kagura: New Wave.

With all that said and done, the only important question that remains is which Senran Kagura girl has the best set of funbags? You could let us know in the comments if you’d like to chime in.

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