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Kamigokuto: Mary Skelter Gets New Trailer

Kamigokuto: Mary Skelter now has a new trailer. This follows a stream of new information since the game’s announcement back in March, during Dengeki Festival.

While the PS Vita couldn’t compete against the broad market appeal of the Nintendo 3DS, you can’t argue that it has the fanservice market locked down. Sony has always been more interested in the naughtier side of gaming, and while they have their share of censored titles, they definitely do a better job.

Back in March, we covered the Dengeki Festival, where Compile Heart announced a few brand new titles. One of these was Kamigokuto: Mary Skelter, a JRPG exclusive to the PS Vita.

Mary Skelter is played in first person, similar to some other Vita titles, with players facing off against odd looking enemies in mind-bending locales. That’s not really the main appeal here, however. Everyone’s played a dungeon crawler or two, but where Mary Skelter really captures you is with its unabashed fanservice.

Over the past few months, Compile Heart has released a number of items to show off Mary Skelter. There were some very risqué images, including a trailer showing off the game’s raunchy costumes, the most recent of which demonstrates some of the game’s features. This being a Vita title means it has the touch screen to work with, and Compile Heart has certainly made use of it.

While the game’s costumes are extremely revealing in their own right, these new touch features take it to a new level. Players will be able to scrub away the clothing of a moaning girl, almost like an eraser, revealing copious amounts of skin.

Of course, there will still be a little left over, but they might as well be naked at that point. Players will even be able to jiggle the girl’s softer bits, so you’re sure to have quite a bit of fun here.

You can take a look at these trailers below, where you’ll also find an image gallery of what we have so far. Kamigokuto: Mary Skelter will be released on October 13th in Japan, though no Western version has been announced. Compile Heart has been known to release titles here in the past however, so hopefully that changes.

New Trailer with Touch Features

DLC Costumes Trailer

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