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Editor’s Note – I’m Going To Otakuthon To Meet Nutaku

Got any questions?

Hello, Lewdites! The last time I spoke to you assholes publicly, it was regarding Twitter being shitty about our account suffering from suspension.

Thanks to you guys, we got that sorted out real quick and I want to make it known that I appreciate all of the support you have given us since the very beginning.

Some new events have happened recently that needs to be addressed in order to maintain transparency with our audience. A few days ago, I had a discussion with the Vice President, as well as other staff members of Nutaku concerning some certain matters. The more important parts of our discussions entailed their future, as well as their potential impact on the industry and their practices. I have some criticisms regarding their platform, which I was able to relay in our conversation in an online conference. To have a more face-to-face talk about these issues, Nutaku has invited me to Otakuthon in Montreal, Canada. They were willing to finance my trip in order for us to further our discussions about their direction moving forward with the hope of coming to solutions to some of their current issues.


I will meet the staff at their headquarters while I attend the convention and plan on documenting my time there with recordings and possible photos.

If you fellow Lewdites have any questions that you feel need to be addressed in our conversations, leave them in the comments below. I will do my best to bring up as many of these concerns as possible. With your help,  I look forward to these talks in order to help further our goals on improving the adult scene.

See you when I get back, you perverted fucks!

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  • Lawelite

    There’s one question I’d really like to ask. Its a struggle to buy nutaku gold with debit/credit cards sometimes. Seeing as how they only offer their downloadable games for nutaku gold this can make buying things from them a hassle. Especially if they want to be a marketplace for those games akin to jast or mangagamer. Do they have any plans to offer these games for flat dollar amounts instead of nutaku gold? Or any plans to look at the kinds of credit cards they can accept on their site?

    • Jake Martinez

      This is the whole problem they are having and the thing that most herp-a-derps here don’t seem to understand is that in order to get money from your PayPal or Credit card or Debit card, they have to use a 3rd party services and it’s THIS SERVICE that is putting the restrictions on them.

      Basically the company that is providing the funds transfer service has it’s own TOS about what sort of items it’s service can be used for. This is incredibly common and hard to get around especially for a new company.

      It really irks me how many ignorant gamers out there are having a go at Nutaku as if they are just randomly censoring shit because they want to. It’s likely quite the opposite – they are trying to first avoid losing their ability to accept funds electronically and second navigating a complex web of laws around distribution of pornography. They are in a bad spot where one fuck up could absolutely tank their entire business and the “fan” community is doing nothing but shitting on them.

  • TitanAnteus

    Ask them if they have any plans to release a sort of public API so devs can make games with achievements and Nutaku’s personal IAP (gold)

    So far, they’ve been bringing over DMM games themselves so I’m pretty sure that integrating them into the Nutaku system was direct. Since they’ve been directly involved, I honestly doubt they have anything public in the works. Getting basic user info and whether or not they own the game through nutaku’s service would make it a LOT easier for regualr devs to make free-to-play mobile games on their platform.

    I’m also curious about their stance on hardcore content. They’re really scared of involving real money with lolis and beastiality. I’m really curious why they can’t go the way of DLsite in handling these matters and putting the responsibility in the hands of the devs?

    hmmm… now that I think about it, I’m curious if they see MangaGamer as competition in the same market?

    Also do you think you could possibly ask if they could facilitate a medium in which western gamers and eastern gamers and devs can communicate. I know there’s a language barrier, but considering Nutaku’s pretty big, they can take the stance of the global community voice and relay our thoughts about certain games and ideas to the eastern devs.


    Good luck. I hope you do your best to represent the general adult gaming community over here.

    • EroBotan

      The feminist liberal & progressive canadian prime minister justin trudeau has passed a very progressive bill to legalize beastiality.

      Though based on past experience these liberals tend to allow crazy stuff to happen in real life but will ban it if it happen in virtual space like video games etc so I dunno …

      • RocKM001 .

        Coz obviously anything animated is for kids! WON’T SOMEONE THINK OF THE CHILDREN!

  • Narmy

    Please ask them about the impact of Canadian law on their platform, and also about the censorship they are still applying to their games. In order for their venture to succeed, they have to be completely transparent about these issues.

    • Vaelore

      What kind of censorship are they still applying?

      • Narmy

        I hear that they are still censoring religious symbols, tentacle rape, and blood from a deflowering scene. I don’t play any of their f2p games, so it’s possible that there are other examples.

        • Hiecchi

          Dont forget the censoring against loli characters

          • Narmy

            Apparently they stopped doing that. It’s impossible to know for sure though, since they lack transparency about what they censor.

          • Hiecchi

            That would be great, but like you already said, nutaku is lacking transparency about what they censor, that is why we should ask again ( and if its true, we should maybe ask too about the chances to decensore their released games)

          • edwards21

            I think they may be required to be opaque about what they censor, since there’s a chance the images they’re censoring could be in violation of Canadian law. Not saying I approve of the practice, but I would rather support a company that is making strides to make adult games more accessible to a wide, international audience rather than nitpicking about points which – frankly – are improving. They are releasing lolis in several of their games (for the record, I’m not a loli fan, but I understand their significance in the hentai community), which shows a clear line of improvement. I would hope that they continue improving in such a manner, and frankly I’m willing to give them the benefit of patience here.

          • Testy

            They don’t have to visually show what was censored, maybe just a change log of what they did. Even if it might be hard to compare with text alone, at least it will still be something recorded.

          • I compiled a list of censored eroge precisely to combat this. Nutaku censored the visual evidence with DMCA(s), but the list is still there. Since I rely on user reports the list isn’t comprehensive for Nutaku titles, but it’s the best we have.

    • Dave6487

      I live in Canada and I don’t think that the laws are as strict as you make them out to be. The few cases that I heard about, the person had real images along with the anime ones.

      Poor and bias “journalism” has made it seem that people where punished for just the anime stuff. But realistically speaking, I doubt that anyone would go to jail for just having anime stuff. All the cases I’ve heard of so far, these people just plead guilty, thus they “lose” by default. I don’t see a company like Nutaku being bullied into just giving up.

      No matter where you go, you will always run into the backwards “Christian conservative” mindset. You just have to learn to push back their faith based reasoning with fact.

      • A prominent member of the eroge community was detained and questioned by Canadian customs for importing a sex toy with an obscene anime character on the packaging. Canada most certainly deserves the bad rap it gets.

        • Dave6487

          Guess I can’t really argue with you on that -_-

          And ya I’m kind of sour about customs and our border agency myself for other reasons.

          Still, I imagine that this kind of shit goes on in the states as well. Some days I think we are still living in the 16th century.

          • Christopher Handley of Iowa was prosecuted for obscene manga. But he’s the exception, not the rule. US obscenity laws aren’t well-enforced. Canadian customs has a reputation for actually enforcing these backward laws.

          • Jake Martinez

            US Obscenity laws aren’t enforced very rigorously because they keep getting thrown out of court.

            A lot of people don’t understand that very few countries have such an absolute right to free speech as the United States does. It’s really the exception to the rule.

  • Hiecchi

    I have only one question.
    1. How high are the chances for a localised Version Form KanColle on their non adult Website?

  • FreshSnug

    I don’t see the why anyone thinks counting on Canadians for porn is a good idea. That’s about as bad as counting on Australians.

  • Vincent Autumnhaven

    Free the lolis! (。ì _ í。)

  • Myon

    Since they’re taking over Millenium War Aigis from the Japanese devs ask them what they’ll do about implementing skipped content. Also ask them if they’ll fix the horrible translation in unit skill descriptions and event text. (Was mostly done by the jap devs themselves with google translate or the like. xD )

    And as others have mentioned try to get them be more clear about what they have to censor and how it will work in the future.

  • patrick

    hmmm well Season passes for girls instead of gacha’s only !!

    and mabye some news on Aigis game is lacking updates

  • Acatia

    Hold up, Nutaku’s going to be at Otakuthon? the surprises don’t stop.


    First do they have problems with Loli content? Is there any content they are not willing to touch? Are they ever going to get rid of gold? Will they ever try to get their hands on Fate grand order and Kantai Collection? Will they bring VN on their own or will they remain just a distributor? Why are they censoring their games? Are they going to even make app for the PC for their site?

    • ♥♠JRPGNATION♣♦

      Well reading all of that makes me not want to use their site. This really does’t help them if they do not address it. And if they keep doing it I will stop using their site.

  • razisgosu

    The only question I need answered is when will the censorship stop? I’m talking about lolis, tentacles, religious symbols, incest, etc. Everything. It all needs to stop. Nutaku hasn’t had a clear stance on this, they keep claiming things are uncensored only to censor them or uncensor them later.

    If they’re maintaining a position of uncensored if their policy, they need to show they mean it. Revert all censorship in their web games and keep it that way.

  • Questions for Nutaku:
    1. Please provide a full list of the types of content you censor.
    2. You claim that banks and payment processors forbid you to host the content that you censor, including: lolis, tentacle scenes (bestiality), blood, religious garb and symbols, and symbols of bondage. Yet other English eroge publishers do not censor this content. Why is it that this only affects YOU? Is it because you conduct microtransactions? Because you have significant operations in Canada? Because you’re bound to use certain payment processors by your corporate structure? Or because you have to comply with MindGeek / PornHub policy?
    3. Why do you censor games without telling your audience? Even companies much-despised by anti-censorship activists like NISA tell their customers what they’re censoring. So does English eroge publisher JAST USA.
    4. Why do you DMCA image galleries with the express purpose of exposing unannounced censorship of your titles?
    5. How do you plan to keep your downloadable store censorship-free without refusing to carry titles with certain types of offensive content (e.g., Euphoria, Starless, Littlewitch Romanesque)?
    6. Customers have complained about the extremely poor translations of your freemium browser games. How are you responding to these concerns?
    7. I play a single browser game of your’s, Girl’s Kingdom. The Nutaku team behind it has over the course of 10 months: been unable to properly communicate with customers (requiring me to step in and serve as community liaison completely uncompensated), defrauded customers with misleading advertising and refused to refund them, broken the game and caused it to be offline for days at a time, lost user data then responded to user complaints with “those items were meant to expire” (they weren’t), and banned me from the official Discord channel for reporting these problems to other users. Is this typical of your management of other games?

    • Waifu Engineering

      Hmmm, two months ago it seemed as though you were finally reaching a consensus with Nutaku. Did something happen very recently that made you raise the crusade again?

      Disclaimer, I’m published on their storefront. What I’m seeing is their faults as a localizer (which I don’t disagree with) is interfering with their efforts in being a storefront (which has been an excellent experience). No western devs I know have been censored prior to publishing (or refused due to content issues as opposed to objective technical merits), then again, until someone actually makes a loli bestiality game we’ll never know (which can be circumvented easily by character’s STATED age being 18+ as per law and by making it monster porn — those are the only hard and fast rules relayed on Kimochi.).

      • Nutaku censoring dissent was pretty much the final straw. Expect to hear the details soon.

        • Waifu Engineering

          Also saw in KiA. Goddamn. Their representative acted less than professional there, (like Sekai Project, their people seem to be from the fandom, at least better than being clueless corporate types)

          The way I see it, it could be combination of

          *not just payment processor, but Canadian payment processor
          *laws of Canada
          *their particular Japanese partners demanding an overactive DMCA trigger finger.

          These circumstances put them in an ever so slightly different spot compared to JAST and Mangagamer.

          You guys got to sit down and sort it out. If the DMCA was done out of malice than I would gladly side with you. But right now, until DLsite starts giving developers the majority of the cut instead of the minority, and until Steam fully opens up there is little choice in terms of storefronts for full adult games. And I don’t even care about F2P browser games just like you don’t care about OELVNs.

          • Heh, fair enough. I don’t usually care about browser games either, but Nutaku’s sheer incompetence as a publisher is really aggravating. Maybe if they’d stick to simply being a store they could play to their strengths instead of their weaknesses. But if they’re doling out money to developers I fear they’re not done playing publisher just yet, and that’s reason for concern.

  • Lewdgamer claims to be anti censorship, yet to advertises Nutaku to no end, there is even a giant ad for Nutaku plastered on the background as I type this. I don’t have much expectations that real questions will be asked but something has to be said about their bad censorship habits. We need actual real answers on their censorship habits rather then them just pointing the blame to outside sources. Nutaku seems to always brush off censorship questions or in my case even blocks you when you ask a question about censorship they don’t like.

    I really wish people would open their god damn eyes and see Nutaku for the scum fucks they really are.

  • Darkling

    Hope you had fun 🙂

  • Acatia

    Did you ever get to meet them after all? I spent a bunch of time chatting up with them (mainly about Aigis) so I was wondering if you just couldn’t make it.