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Blatantly stealing a featurette of fellow LewdGamer writer Aries, I decided to get my own recommendation articles going. In contrast to the previous articles focusing on specific fetishes, these editorials will spotlight specific hentai doujinshi based on popular anime, manga, and light novel series.

We’re starting off this series with everyone’s favorite and the world’s most popular magical girl show, Sailor Moon. Hopefully, when you’re done reading this article your collective crotches will be thankful. Before getting into the magical meat of things, I’d like to preface this whole article with the fact that SailorMoon has been around since the beginning of the 90s, and because of that alone, you can probably imagine how much porn of it has been created in the past 25 years. After the phenomenal success of the anime worldwide, the groundwork was set for fans of the series to start producing all kinds of awesome smut featuring all of the Sailor Senshi in compromising and less-than-favorable (at least for them) situations.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that there are thousands upon thousands of doujinshi fan books out there to sift through and enjoy. Once again, considering the age of the series, a lot of them have been lost in the sands of time, and even more than that have not been made available online through official or more dubious means. I’m quite certain that if you’re around my age and had access to the Internet as an adolescent in the mid to late 90s, Sailor Moon hentai is more than likely the first kind of anime/manga porn you’ve encountered. A glorious entryway to a whole life of perverse indulgence awaited, and jumping right into it was the only thought running through your mind at that time. I too was in that situation, and I took that first step and never looked back.

Now, take a walk with me down Sailor Moon hentai lane and let’s find out how a bunch of talented artists managed to sexualize this colorful and quirky group of young girls. For your and my own convenience, I’ve only included fan translated doujinshi. In case you’re wondering why I didn’t include books with all of the other girls, do remember this is a very subjective list. Enjoy!

Black Dog: “In a Silent Way”

If you’re ever looked up Sailor Moon hentai at any point in time — and let’s not beat around the bush, considering the page you’re viewing right now, you definitely have —  you more than likely encountered the erotic doujinshi creator by the name BLACK DOG or Kuroinu Juu. BLACK DOG has been creating Sailor Moon books ever since the mid-90s and has never stopped since then. His tenacity, passion for the series and not to mention amazingly cute and distinct art style are all things to admire. As Kuroinu has been primarily sticking to the same series for almost two decades now, you can safely assume that he’s produced a lot of high-quality work with every single Sailor Senshi in every sexy setting imaginable. You wouldn’t be too far off with that assumption.

In a Silent Way’s premise is pretty simple: Makoto Kino, Sailor Jupiter (my absolute favorite of the main cast of girls. I’d do her ponytail) gets invited to her middle-aged neighbor’s house to spend the night and do some simple housework while his wife is out for a friend’s funeral. Things would have most likely ended without indecency if not for Makoto’s meddling friends. Because of their previous bad (?) sexual experiences with older men, they coax her to wear sexy clothes and test her neighbor’s resolve to eventually reveal his true predatory nature.

As expected of a hentai book, the neighbor can only remain faithful for so long in front of Makoto’s bombastic body and quickly succumbs to him primal lust, proceeding to fuck the living daylights out of Makoto who resists him for a single solitary second. Overall, it’s a great, lengthy book featuring intense consensual age-difference sex that only lacks a threesome scene with the neighbor’s wife to be truly perfect.

BLACK DOG: “Ano hi no Tegome-san”

I’ve decided to include two BLACK DOG books in this article, just because his work is simply that outstanding and rich in content. I’d even highly recommend all of his other doujinshi and original manga; you simply cannot go wrong with this guy.

All that said, I had to cheat a bit with the next book. While it’s set in the universe of Sailor Moon, it doesn’t really include any of the main characters from it. Instead we get a mother and daughter duo getting captured by youma, the series’ demonic, entities and foes to the Sailor Senshi, and are unapolegetically raped to the point where they desire devil dick 24/7. There are two things to note about this book, starting with the great portrayal of body differences between the tender-bodied daughter and her voluptuous and profoundly curvy mother. The second item of note is that the demons, being classy fellows and physical embodiments of excellent taste in women, do their very best to explore every inch and crevice of the women’s bodies while licking, rubbing and massaging them all over. If you’re looking for something brutal that mainly centers around gruesome physical violence against the female race, you might want to steer clear of this one, as the sex quickly becomes about all parties involved feeling good.

Nekopunch Bashibashi: “Inka”

Mogudan is another artist you should know if you have been on the Internet for a while and have been looking up anime porn like the pervert you are. Known for his multiple works involving Neon Genesis Evangelion’s Rei Ayanami and for his joint work with Nyangorou, he’s easily recognized by exaggerated body proportions that would normally not work if any other artist had their way with them. Inka is another good example of what Nyangorou and Mogudan can produce when they put both of their pens together. Luckily for me, their effort has produced a Sailor Moon book starring Makoto Kino.

Inka takes place a few years after the end of the original Sailor Moon series, with a fully matured (and even sexier, if you can believe it) and married Makoto now working in her own flower shop. Makoto’s husband is sadly hospitalized and as it seems the flower shop isn’t making good enough money to make ends meet. To get out of this tough spot, she devises a plan to sell her body along with the flowers. Her first customer just happens to be a long-time admirer and virgin that has been saving himself for his beloved Sailor Jupiter.

“Wish fulfillment”, the doujinshi Inka gets right into it and soon enough, Makoto gets more than she bargained for as her secret admirer’s meat rod barely fits in her mouth. A lot of passionate sex now await the ex-virgin, as he makes sure to get his fill of his beloved Sailor Jupiter in costume. As a small bonus, the book also features a few bonus scenes showing Makoto’s deeper plunge into prostitution and sexcapades.

ROUTE1: “External Family Baby-Making Plan”

Upon discovering that ROUTE1, which I only previously knew from their many Idolm@ster books, made a Sailor Moon doujinshi, I couldn’t have been happier. Then I actually read the translated version of External Family Baby-Making Plan, and my dick never was this confused.

In a weird setup where the Outer Senshi form a family unit for some reason, Sailor Uranus tries to get pregnant with Seiya, of the Sailor Stars, to give Sailor Saturn a younger brother. What follows is a pretty amusing sex romp with back and forth dominance play between Haruka and Seiya. At one point Seiya, even imagines Sailor Saturn getting violently raped by tentacles. Even when the whole story is needlessly confusing, the sex has plenty of variety in both positions and fetishes. All of it is topped off with Taira Tsukune’s excellently detailed art, with Haruka’s face constantly and believably changing expressions from pained to ecstasy and back.

Even though this list turned out rather short in the end, it’s one I can always go back to if I need something that gives me an instant boner. Each of the works listed here never fail to arouse, and I have faith they will work for you as well.

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