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Sakura Swim Club Uncensored Patch

It's about fucking time

Sakura games have always been known as ecchi only titles. Showing you just enough to garner interest, but never actually displaying full frontal nudity or sex.

However, with their release of the Greenlighted Sakura Swim Club, Winged Cloud has obviously decided to drop their ecchi restraints and show not only nudity, but actual porn in their game.

And it’s about time.

This situation is very similar to what happened with Sunrider Academy , where you can download the uncensored patch for the steam version or purchase the 18+/NSFW version on Denpasoft. Denpasoft serves as an alternate platform to sell Sekai Project’s uncensored adult titles, but it’s not nearly as well-known as their mainline brand as they have chosen not to advertise it and treats it as a separate entity.

I can only hope that Winged Cloud continues this trend with their future titles as they have received major criticism for not introducing sex in their games. Perhaps this is a response to those criticisms or they may have thought that now was the right timing in their career to display adult content in their games.

Regardless of the reason, however, I am personally happy to see them making their perceived first steps in adult game making. Despite very mixed opinions on the quality of their titles, Winged Cloud’s mass production of their games as garnered a large YouTube audience and have gained quite the attention these past few years. This recent decision might help inspire others to follow a similar path if they continue to be as successful with their games.

If you’re interested to know how we felt about one of Winged Cloud’s entries, you can read or watch our previous review of Sakura Angels.  Make sure to follow us on Twitter and Tumblr for our latest news on uncensored content.

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