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It’s been a long time since we’ve had an artist feature on LewdGamer (we will be fixing that) due to the simple fact that people can’t stop visiting the place and killing our servers.

However, thanks to a few adjustments it is now a perfect time to start doing some featured content again. I am happy to present: Hizzacked, an adult artist of many styles who has been drawing for quite some time. She officially started her drawing career through Sheezy Art before moving on to Hentai Foundry in the pursuit of creating more erotic work, eventually becoming a moderator on the site.

Much like the rest of us here on LewdGamer, she has a naughty side that won’t be changing anytime soon, which makes her a perfect fit for our next feature. Without further ado, let’s get started shall we?

Quick Facts 

Favorite Rule 34: Anything Nintendo!

Favorite Fetish: Hetero stuff with a really well drawn guy. And size difference! Like a sexy fit guy and a small petite girl. That always gets me.

Lewd Level: The club can’t even handle my lewdness right now. It’s off the chain. Give me all the D.

Q: When did you first start drawing porn, and when did it dawn on you that you might be a bit more perverted than the people around you?

I think the first real pornographic pic I drew (meaning something more than just tasteful nudity) was back in 2008. As for my pervyness.. I really don’t know! I think I’m just as pervy a teh next guy. When it’s up to me, my drawings are usually quite tame, or I guess…pretty vanilla. I’ve had some commissioners ask me for some of the kinkiest shit that I could never think of in a million years. Sometimes I believe that everyone else around me is a giant perv. I guess I’m just too used to being in this field of work. It’s also bad at social gatherings because I forget that there’s certain ways you should talk to other people and not everyone cares to know that at work today I drew a picture that involved 5 futa chicks fucking each other in the ass through glory-holes. Just another day’s work!

Q: We noticed you like to switch styles a lot in your work. Mind elaborating on that?

I do this for multiple reasons, but I guess the biggest one would be that I just get bored when I get in to a routine. It eventually starts to feel like I’m on an artistic assembly line or something if that makes sense. I like to change things up because it’s more fun. It also really helps you LEARN FASTER. I think every artist should do it on occasion. It’s like doing an extra-long stretch for your art muscle. I also really hate when all my stuff starts to look the same. However, it does eat up a lot of extra time per drawing if it’s a style I’m not “fluent” in.

Q: Have you ever experienced backlash for the kind of work that you do?

I have in the past, but I’m pretty sure it’s just because she was a bitter old cunt who was just trying to find anything to take me down a peg. I don’t think many people look down on it though, however some of them do feel uncomfortable about it, I guess. Most people think it’s cool. The gold standard “damn I wish I could draw [smut]”. I don’t mind when someone has an issue with “what” I do, it just irritates me when they try to bring me down about it, or tell me I’m taking the easy way out. It couldn’t be further from the truth. I WISH I could make a living by drawing pretty pinups all day or concept art and the like, that stuff is so easy and relaxing. It’s a really hard job to draw a sex scene as opposed to something milder. You can’t hide anatomy flaws under big fluffy dresses or clothing if you’re drawing naked people, so you really gotta pay attention!

Q: Do you believe society to be a bit too hypersensitive these days?

JESUS YES. It’s unbelievable. I can’t understand it personally. I feel like the internet has enabled the overly sensitive vocal minority to band together and make themselves a victim for any reason they possibly can. Jeez what’s with this question?! Now this is the rantiest interview ever!

People need to be more open minded and relax. There’s many things that people get their panties in a knot over, but the sex thing is what gets to me the most. We’re taught to believe that sex is wrong and inappropriate, but it’s not. It’s just not. Sex is probably the most natural thing ever, right up there next to eating, breathing and sleeping. Maybe people just need to be educated more about it and not be so scared of it. Be smart, be kind, have a happy time!

Q: What other adult artist do you like, and what was you major source of inspiration?

Damn there’s so many to list. To name a few, there’s jeffr, Ishikei (of course), White Datura, the list could go on forever. I actually get most of my artistic inspiration from non-adult artists. I don’t think I do that on purpose, it just works out that way. When I need to get in the art zone, I spend a little time beforehand browsing sites like artstation and drawcrowd. There’s always really amazing art around, it’s like having an espresso, but for your right brain!

Q: And lastly, what are your favorite kind of games?

My fav type of games are pretty wide ranged. I love fantasy RPG’s, strategy type games like Ori and the Blind Forest, open-world survival type games are a must (too bad they’re always so buggy) and of course creative games such as minecraft and the like. Oh and also I love Dying Light, but I’m not actually a giant fan of most FPS games. Unless you count.. skyrim and stuff, is that considered an FPS?! Nahhh.

I also love MMO’s but I think I’m finally over them. Ever since ArcheAge’s downfall I haven’t been able to enjoy another MMO since. Best MMO I’ve ever played, unfortunately ruined by the terrible company in charge.

If you’re interested in supporting Hizzacked’s work, sign up to her site at or support her on Patreon. Got any artist you want to recommend? Make sure to leave a comment below.

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