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Let’s talk about  rape doujins. Wait no, don’t run away! It’s not gay if we say “no homo” at the end. Now, follow me. This dark alley should do. You ready? I’m ready.

Now, back to rape. In my opinion, the best doujins use the power of fiction to allow you to experience lewd things that would be impossible in a day to day life, even if your life is by all means satisfying. Loli (would get you arrested), impregnation (would get you paying alimony), and of course rape and domination (would also get you arrested and is kinda evil). Good rape doujins, like all good fetish doujins, use the twin tools of visual impact and decent writing to create a lewd scenario that is not only entertaining but that feels raw and plausible, even if common sense should dictate it’s not.

In that spirit, and out of the unending goodness of my heart, I, Aries Buonarroti, have marshaled all of my considerable patrician taste to compile several recommendations of what I feel are the best rape doujins you can find. It’s not an exhaustive list, sure. Consider it instead an introduction to the genre; a gateway that the huddled masses might pass through to set them on the right path to discover and enjoy the work of such Great Men – nay, heroes of Western Civilization, such as Asanagi and Maeshima Ryou.

All that being said, let’s begin.

Nao-kun o Okashite Mita – I Tried Raping Nao-kun!

By Momonosuke.

Originally, I wanted to get off to a running start. You know, maybe some really brutal rape doujins to separate the wheat from the chaff and all that, but that’s not really my style – I like to ease myself into things, if you get my meaning. Moreover, this particular rape doujin by the artist Momonosuke  has for a long while been one of my favorites for the way it straddles the collapsing boundary between vanilla and the harder stuff.


Your delicious brown tomboy cousin doesn’t want to be seen as a girl. Other people don’t see your cousin as a girl. But you do! You love her! So how can you get through to her and get her in touch with the sweet blossom of her femininity? Why, by taking her to a love hotel, forcefully undressing her, then plowing her with your dick until she remembers why exactly God made her a woman. It’s awesome.

Notice how she shuts up when he finishes plunging it in? There’s a lesson to be learned there.


The art for this doujin isn’t spectacular, but it is quite good, and it really shines  when it comes to Nao’s expressions. The way she goes from an arrogant tomboy to a desperate pleading virgin when Hiroshi pushes her down is fantastic, and even better is how she goes from that to sluttish moaning once she learns to love the dick.

Seriously, look at those lips! Unbelievable.

Reproduction Room Service

Continuing in the genre of “slut gets raped, pretends she doesn’t like it, then stops being a lying whore and starts begging for it”, we have Reproduction Room Service, by ShindoL. Ah, ShindoL. A true patrician, a savior of mankind, and a defender of the West against the forces of obscurantism! I could sing ShindoL’s praises all day.


The set-up is pretty simple. Harumi is a lovely hotel maid whose perfect work ethic quickly earns her the affection and approval of her boss and the envy of her co-workers, who are all filthy whores (and who sadly don’t get fucked in this comic. Truly a wasted opportunity.). Said whores call their boyfriends and arrange a trap for Harumi – when she goes up to their room to deliver food, they’re supposed to “humiliate” her. At some point, though, “humiliate” gets lost in translation and becomes “gangrape”, and that’s exactly what happens to Harumi, to much amusement and great effect.

That expression, those breasts crushed against the food tray, the light fuzz of pubic hair… ShindoL is a master.


Repeat after me – ShindoL is a miracle of the universe. He is incredible!  Just look at the delicious girls he draws, their faces of ecstasy and pain as they get plowed, the plumpness of their pussies as the panel zooms in on the penetration. This is a master of the medium, not just of rape doujins but delicious 2D art in general, and if you don’t like ShindoL you are bad and you should feel bad.



Fan no Hitori continues the work of such great Renaissance Men such as Mayonnaise by illustrating a world much like our own but different – one where everybody collectively loses their minds and decides all sluts need to be fucked, all the time. I’m not all that versed in 16th century literature, but I’m pretty much certain that this was what Thomas More had in mind when he wrote Utopia.


The new “procreation law” makes girls the public property of men in order to increase the birth rate. Our protagonist, tired of getting bitch slapped by the school council president, makes sure that the procreation law is implemented in the school, and then uses it as an excuse to beat every pussy he comes across. A classical hero, if I say so myself.

I guess their civics class included a chapter on how rape makes you a good citizen.


One of the best things about this doujin is the way the artist handles faces and expressions. The girls look convincingly distraught and in pain, and the protagonist looks convincingly evil. Moreover, in a nice detail, he keeps the bandages and scars he accumulates through the doujin as he gets slapped, bitten, and slapped again by his primary victim. It’s really good.

“This world is warped, so I’m raping you?” I mean, I guess that’s like a life philosophy.


As we all know, Homura Akemi is a huge slut. Not only does she continuously fuck up and do literally EVERYTHING wrong, she is also culpable of constantly seducing men and women alike with that tight, sexy little body of hers. Therefore, any sexual abuse or harassment Homura receives is entirely her fault for being such a cocktease. She deserves it, and it’s not like she doesn’t eventually enjoy it. As far as Homu rape doujins go, this one by Flowerchild Ueda is a perfect example of a noble medium.


Homura is a slut who seduces poor, innocent, virginal Mami with her sexy slut body. Mami, who is a good girl and literally dindu nuffin, can’t handle it, so she uses magic to grow a massive cock and indulge herself in Homu’s blatantly exposed pussy. Homura, being a little bitch, can’t take the heat and cries, whines, and pleads, but because she’s such a sex-obsessed semen demon, she thoroughly enjoys it at the end.

To be honest it’s almost hard to call this rape when she’s this clearly into it.


You know, I’m kind of getting tired of calling art fantastic. I mean, these are rape doujins selected by me, of course the art is going to be fantastic! Still, Flowerchild Ueda really deserves some compliments. His megucas are as delicious as your wildest fantasies can imagine them. Homura’s ass in particular, is first class. It’s no wonder Mami raped her, if Homura was parading that around. What a slut.

Sadly this artist has yet to make a doujin where it’s Mami who gets fucked. Still, everybody likes to rape Homura, so it’s OK.

Victim GirlsR “JK de Refre  – Flesh & Refresh”

I don’t even know where to begin. Asanagi (Fatalpulse) is the God of rape doujins. He is the master of rape doujins. The non plus ultra. If you want to see sluts getting put in their place, Fatalpulse is your man. There was no way to end this article in anyother fashion than with a Fatalpulse doujin. If the Archangel Gabriel himself came down from Heaven tomorrow and told me God would purge all hentai artists, but I could save one, I would save Fatalpulse.


The entire plot centers around the truly patrician fetish of asphyxiation. Two pretentious rich girls work in a JK parlor after school, choking out rich perverts for fat cash. When their male classmates find out, they demand sexual favors in exchange for keeping the secret. When the girls refuse, it’s their turn to get choked the fuck out.

If Fatalpulse is to be believed, choking a girl into unconsciousness increases her pleasure by 999%.


What do you even want me to say? Look at the girls. Look at their expressions, at their plump, fertile bodies, at the way their eyes roll back into their head as the lack of oxygen makes them retarded. Fatalpulse is the Rembrandt of 2D porn. He is incredible. I mean, just look at this.

What a gentleman.

And there you have it – an introductory list to the wonderful world of rape doujins. Now, there are many other excellent doujin titles (both hardcore and vanilla), and obviously this article is but a sampler, so keep tuning in for more articles in the coming days and weeks! I’ll make sure to find and showcase more excellent lewd stuff for you to browse and enjoy!

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